Hello poeple of upsilon. I just wanted to ask you one question and get feedback on it to see if the majority of people like the idea or not. Ok so I have thought of the idea to start an alliance of mercenaries, yes mercenaries, that go about doing "jobs" for different alliances'. The way it works would be that any alliance comes to us and offeres us a job and a reward for the job being done. The group of mercenaries discuss the job offer if the want it or not and will get back to the employer in 48 hours maximum . Then the Mercenaries get to choose if they want to do the job. The more the Mercenaries the more the reward gets split up into so Im probabley going to set limits on how many people can do a job. The reward well get seperated amongts the mercenaries that did the job. If you do not give us the reward in 48 hours of us telling you the job is done and showing you the reports we will come and open a big can of a**wopping on you. Any alliance that gets attacked by us please dont take it personally we are just doing our job. Please tell me what you think in the comment section below. Aslo if you would like to join please shot me a messege (right now only o45).