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As a player whose been a part of Aliens this server, and has moved on to the newly reformed Ghost Train Haze, I want to give a shout out to the leaders who persevered through the negativity of the last several days, for their efforts to start fresh with positivity, and for the teammates who are still in this together. I love this game and came here to play-- I hope to enjoy a good long server and don't want to quit and call it dead like so many other players.

The sad part is that most of the server seems afraid of Charlie's spam, and would rather join him or quit. I'm not sure how it evolved, but for our team, Charlie sent an MM one day that said he "plays a clean game" and "won't spam unless we spam him"... and that he was coming for us. Minutes later many players were suddenly getting spammed by him, and it hasn't stopped since. It's not how I believe in playing, but I also wouldn't join his side just from fear of the pain... let's not forget, that's the same logic that brings evil dictators to power. :eek: People afraid to stand up so they bow their heads and join in... disappointing, but not the most disappointing thing I've seen this server.

The Alien ghosts actually began when Hi Droggen lost a couple of cities... and one of our leaders, gregismighty, spoke so poorly of him in the public forum, that LegionC left, and subsequently almost all former Kratos players who were their friends, ghosted. Not long after that the negative campaign began.

Within hours of the spam starting, our biggest players began talk of quitting, ghosting, and perma VM-ing, that got even louder when LegionC left. We spent two days in discord listening to so many negative comments... many instigated by gregismighty. Both greg and his brother markismighty were rallying their friends to quit. Morale took a nosedive. Players kept asking leaders for direction and what to do, and how many people were going to ghost/leave... Greg, Mark, and several others clicked VM while some ghosted.

The remaining council got together and decided that the team needed to get away from the negativity and suggestions to give up, if they wanted to give remaining players a chance. They opened a new alliance with a fresh start for all who wanted to continue playing... aptly named Ghost Train Haze.

We all thought the negative moments were behind us and we could move forward with a fresh start, no drama, just still a lot of spam :p

Since then we've had backlash from gregismighty himself, being angry as a former AA council member that the rest of council moved forward without him to form something new. Someone asked him... why would you even care, after you abandoned your team at first sign of a challenge, promised to leave, and had already clicked VM without telling any of us... what we all did next? (No answer has been given, just a claim that he was kicked from council after clicking VM to leave.)

I've heard from friends in other alliances that he and his brother (and possibly other former AA members afraid to fight Charlie) are not only now telling lies to the entire server, they are hoping to play with JFL for an "easy set of swords".

To this I say SHAME ON YOU. If you want to walk away, walk away.

The only thing our team wants is to play grep, enjoy our teammates, and have a good time...and maybe give others a challenge along the way.

GTH council is too respectable to post out here or to say anything negative about other players... but I can't let the server listen to the nonsense I've heard from friends in other alliances who shared what greg-- a player who said he was leaving and it isn't worth the fight here-- is wasting breath telling them, just to undermine those who are still trying to work hard. I guess the Mighty Men are afraid someone might succeed without them? :rolleyes:







I will say that I've enjoyed warring with Krakens and Rabbits... they've been good enemies to spar with, sending loads of attacks with purpose, or if we are offline... finding opportunities but not spamming just to wear us out. And they've gotten cities that way, without the need to spam... so JFL could too, I'm sure of it! Especially with our reduced head count LOL.

Cheers to everyone out here who is supporting fair play and treating each other with respect. :)


this is gold.. we the krakens have enjoyed this read and our still on going love spat, il make a new full reply later, i admire the optimism from your leaders and members but chances are slim you ever get back into driver seat.


It's always a shame to see good honest players leave the game due to spammers. The moderators need to do more to combat spammers. It's very unfair that people like Charlie, who has no skill whatsoever, can defeat top players just because he has no life and can send 1 slinger every 5 minutes.


Am I the only one who finds this awfully convenient lol? Oh it was the one leader that was the problem, that one dude that isnt with us now. and we are all good guys and not simmers. and the leadership here is the good one lol.

so why is it that that good leadership had its on separate council room from the start of the world thats unshared with the other leaders? why is it that a few Kratos players leaving busts up your entire alliance? you didnt start with them, so its not like you counted on them the entire world? Also seems funny how you keep talking about fair fighting and good players not spamming etc etc, while almost all the good fighters I encountered on your team so far have not joined the new formed GTH setup? For example Kyisland, who I believe might just be your best player, isnt there, but you got the sleepy spammer Rikola in that squad. so dont talk to much about the "been good enemies to spar with" or without the spam in italic.

Also, I am one of the people who talked to Greg from "other alliances" and he said no such thing as "Join Charlie for free swords" and its a funny statements cos God knows aint no way Greg can promise you that.

Im not even here to defend Greg, I dont know him too much, but looks like a decent guy and he fought well so far, against me atleast, but I find it funny how you guys have a simple excuse for everything.. and the level of ego you guys showed this world is amazing, so why are you surprised teams were eager to see you fall, which you rather soon did do.
So Im guessing the one dude in the leadership team (who dont forget was one of those looked over when a new leadership room was created) is somehow all of the problems just because he said some legit things about your chances in the world right now but the other leadership is all peachy, the ones being popular for holding grudges and not allowing people in for something they disliked about them since like 4 years ago? LOL

AA dropped completely, I cant wait for Ghost Train Haze to drop the Train Haze as well and do the best thing they can and that would be the remaining word


Alright im gonna put something here, most of you probably don't know me as I'm quite new to the game. so correct me if I'm wrong
In my opinion all of the people blaming each other here kinda worked collectively to ruin this world for everyone.

So far as I've seen in my only other world I played, this game would normally get 4 winners of the core oceans who would then fight it out to win the game. this seemed to be happening in this world aswell as us krakens were winning in 45 AA has the bottom right, boots hat top right and JFL had top left. this would've been a fun war imo as these 4 all seemed capable alliances that could have had fun against each other. but because of some arguments between AA and other alliances and the following huge merge between a million alliances into the JFL groups kinda ruined this game. send boots disbanded. AA got outnumbered a million to one all of a sudden. i cant imagine its fun for jfl to win a game for soo free because they have a thousand members. and for us (krakens) it kinda sucks even harder because without even fighting or doing anything the game is decided for us and we kinda just sit on the sidelines. while imo we have played well this world but it doesn't even matter...

so yh that was it :/


The Alien ghosts actually began when Hi Droggen lost a couple of cities... and one of our leaders, gregismighty, spoke so poorly of him in the public forum,

so him speaking the truth caused yall demise? droggen sucks... spends so much money to lose all his troops n cities over night... easily one of the worst players i ever seen


Alright now that i have time to properly respond...
Mark/Greg/Kyisland and rest of that gang from EN111 ( mad hatters ) are known for hugging/merging and abusing the crap out of morale using loads of LMD's to win worlds... they did it 2 times and ruined worlds for a lot of people with their shady tactics that we all hate same as spam.

Now that morale got turned off their chances of winning this world slipped from high to nonexistent and i bet that rubbed them wrong a lot.. not just those few who have no issues winning like that but rest of their leadership as well.

Aliens leaders allowed their players to aggressively expand into 45 while saying that all they want to do is fight kratos/noots and go into 54... load of bull..
Hail stone spammed and regular kind of spam to few of the players we had on 45/55 front.
Contacted every red/brown player to wall up and pass of their cities to them, alongside colonizing way deep in our core and expecting they wont get attacked, crying spam about frequent but real harbor checks.
Actively helping no mercy.
Talk s**t about all of their enemies publicly or in private and then after all that they ask for help/pact/merge? you got to be kidding me... their actions brought this on them and i would say its fairly deserved.

Besides i enjoyed how greg and anyone else in AA leadership/rooster said JFL is hugging the entire world, naah my dudes, JFL has no pact/nap/deal with either krakens nor bunnies, its matter of what we want to see happen more, and i would say in both bunny and kraken case we would rather see JFL win than AA hence us not wanting to work with you guys in anyway and continuing to fight cleanly, considering we never did anything shady in our wars despite being on receiving end of it.


Kyisland got done dirty by AA -- easily one of the best players on their roster. It's people like him I actually feel sorry for.

Mad respect to that guy. Would take him in over 5 gregs and marks combined.
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Interesting.... OOC talking smack to Mighty Bros.
You guys do realize that Mark and Greg are very respected in Grepolis way before this server right?

And OOC, they both really liked you and respected you. How on earth this happened? Is this Chags effect? You were always very sensible and respectable as well. I can't believe you made this thread.


Interesting.... OOC talking smack to Mighty Bros.
You guys do realize that Mark and Greg are very respected in Grepolis way before this server right?

And OOC, they both really liked you and respected you. How on earth this happened? Is this Chags effect? You were always very sensible and respectable as well. I can't believe you made this thread.

do you not know?
greg was leaking intel to charlie, and told a lot of stuff :)
if they were respected before... i would not be so sure about it now..
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