Open Minimum Wage


It is known that the minimum wage generally affects the prices of items. Should the minimum wage be increased, decreased, or abolished altogether? Please state your stance on this issue.


There should be a minimum wage in all countries, and the minimum wage should steadily increase over time.
Evidence shows time and again how it elevates the poorest in society out of poverty.

Joseph Nieves

There should definitely be a minimum wage. It should increase with inflation. The current situation in the US, with the call for $15 min wage is ridiculous (in a bad way). Already seen a bunch of kiosks added in fast food places and the min wage is only at $11 rn. There are less and less jobs for students and low skilled workers. I think raising the min wage too much hurts the people who need the min wage the most.


Min wage I see as a good thing, but the min wage really varies all over the world... from one extreme to the other...

Uganda: $0.01 per hour
USA: $11.00 per hour
Australia: 13:16 per hour - which is also the only one that pays you $13.05 per hour 35 hours per week for not working...

Most western countries pay around the $10.00 per hour minimum... and 3rd world around the 25c per hour average...