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Proposal: Make a wish list of improvements for the Mobile App

Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? Yes, no ideas on the DNS/ PSI lists.* All previous suggested ideas have been gathered here in one place.

Reason: In a recent development poll, players felt that changes/ improvements to the app were more a “bug fix” than a development. While we are aware that the time to code and make these changes may not be insignificant, it was expressed that these should be handled separately from development polls for the game.

Details: Start a running wish list of improvements needed for the app. Include no changes to the game mechanics, i.e. new units, no end game, etc. Pass these on to developers as appropriate. Run polls if necessary to determine which fixes have higher priority for players, but do them separately from development/ improvement polls for the game as a whole.

Visual Aids: None.

Balance: This will bring app players into alignment with those using a web browser, give them parody in the tools available to them.

Abuse Prevention: No change with these implementations.

Summary: List all desired improvements for the App in one place so it is easier to pass them on to development.

*Ability to rename cities did fail a recent development poll and commenters mentioned it was the wrong place for app specific changes.

LIST FROM ARCHIVE (sorry if I missed or some have already been implemented):
1. The ability to rename cities
2. Availability of a simulator
3. Be able to set time zone (so it matches browser clock)
4. Make events available
5. Make reports easier to post in alliance forum
6. Make it possible to have live feeds for conquests
7. Allow reservations to be visible in the alliance tab
8. Add landing times to command overview screen
9. Increase the number of push notifications (be able to turn on/ off the option to get one for just about anything)
10. Have in-game mods available for support who can answer app-specific difficulties
11. The ability to 'time back' incomings to a city from the app? (As currently on the app you need a unit in the city to use as comparison)
12. Make all features of an advisor that are available in the "desktop" version available in the app. If you pay your gold, you should get the abilities.
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I opened a poll to see if the players feel that there should be app specific polls.


2) Availability of a simulator

Would this also include the ability to 'time back' incomings to a city from the app? (As currently on the app you need a unit in the city to use as comparison)


alex, i personally find a bigger lag with the app than the browser and think that is part of the timing issue
also, not all the advisor features are available on the app, as they are in browser
i was strictly listing the use use of simulating attacks with units/ ships to test survival
i think your ask is another thing to add to the list and can be added


Simulator would be good but biggest thing for me would be live report and events


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November 1, 2017

I would like to have a list of links to all the app ideas that you are including in this idea.


I would like to have a list of links to all the app ideas that you are including in this idea.

figtree, most of them are included in the petition (for status change) and can be referenced there
some ideas are from discussions that are not in proposals/ ideas but elsewhere in the forum or conversation in the game
some ideas are the same idea listed multiple times but different places
so I think the best/ shortest list for links is the petition list but if that doesn't satisfy you, lmk


It would be nice to have the server time always displayed on the app in hh:mm:ss like it is on the browser.

Right now to get an exact server time displayed on the app I have to select a city then select trade. I can also have it displayed by selecting a city then selecting attack or support then populating some troop then scrolling down.

everything in game is about timing so not displaying the time on the app really hinders the app player.
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