Formally The Mad Hatters
Who Were Formally The Varangian Phalanx
Who Were Formally The Varangian Guard and The Phalanx Of Death.

Minus the Phalanx Of Death I Remained the founder through each of the list above.

Watching as nearly half the players in the South of the world passed through our alliance at some point or the other.

We are currently one of the main splinter alliances from the southern united merger and are, like many others, involved in the War with Dystopian Assassins.

Well with that minor summary out of the way,

I'm Liam M, An old timer in Grepolis who has only just found his way to the forums ;)

My first action as any mans would be, is to jump onto the correct thread and boast about my not so amazing alliance in an effort to grow stronger. However I will save all that for later once I have a scope of what goes on around here. fFor now I will simply say a little about our alliance currently.

As of the moment we have leveled out in the war and our asserting our position in the south. Having recently merged with another of the Splinter alliances we are aiming to cooperate with the Former union to retake Oceans 66 and 56 for our own use.

Our members are from a wide skill set and an even larger cultural set. Should anyone wish to join there is a like below to do so.

More updates to come soon but right now KFC is calling to me.