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What does modscripts do?

Modscripts is a script, approved by InnoGames, which aims to make the game easier and more enjoyable. Easier in what way, you might wonder? Well, by trying to deal with the irritations that exist about certain recent changes to the game.


As of right now, the script contains 3 main features:
  1. The ability to place the notification bar higher on the screen
  2. Disabling the sides of the notification bar and changing its width
  3. Hiding the new markings interface

Ideas and Suggestions

Do you have an idea for a new Modscripts feature? Add it to our requests page! People will be able to look at the requests and decide whether they consider them a useful addition to the script. The more people consider it useful, the more likely it is for your suggestion to be implemented into the script. Do consider, however, that not every suggestion, no matter how useful, might realistically be added. So don't be too surprised if at some point you receive a message stating that your suggestion cannot technically be implemented ;)


As of right now, InnoGames has given clearance for this script to be used on the Dutch and International language version of Grepolis.
Our website is available in Dutch, but key functionalities have been translated to German and English. You can change the language used on the site by using the language selection buttons in the top right corner of the site interface.

Connection to the grepolis team

This script is not made by the team. It was made by a couple of very enthusiastic players who also happen to be members of the Team. We have had to ask for permission to make this script, just like any other user with a similar idea would have to. Therefore, this script is not a part of the Grepolis Team, nor is it owned by Grepolis.

Download links

Have we got you interested in our script? A download link is available from this website:

(Select the English language on the right top of the screen)

We would prefer for you to offer your ideas and suggestions on our website, so we can review them as soon as possible. Any questions you might have or feedback you might want to provide us with, may be posted here or on our website, using the contact functionality.

Have fun with Modscripts!

The Modscripts team,
DonFrank - Developer
Arsenal - Sponsoring domain + advice
Jaspenia - English translation + advice
Sammy95 - English translation
Misses1 - German translation



Yo English People!

We currently have a rollout for Modscripts Stats for the 5 newest worlds for the EN server. That means:
- We are testing if our server can handle all of you (like players, alliances etc., but also as "visitors")
- Graph's will show something wrong the first 7 days

And because we Dutchies like it to have the statics faster than you, the English people (no, its not discrimination, just a look-a-like) have to wait (so you will be updated after us, isn't that fair?).

That also means the websites shows a "0" value between 10PM (22:00) and 0AM (00:00) GMT and the statics will update between 0PM (00:00) AND 2AM (02:00) GMT. New worlds first, so Mesembria will be updated first. Awesome, isn't it?

If I got your interest, you can visit the website: (We're buzy with translating everying, most of it is done, but hey, we're also human (and have a life, even if you didn't expect it!))

Be sure you comment below with your "Oh, AWESOME!" reaction or just "Nope, we're missing this information". Or nothing, if you're speechless.

See you next time,
- DonFrank


"City's" is NOT the plural of "City" - it's "Cities". It's never correct to use an apostraphe to make a plural in English - although many native speakers don't understand that. ;)


Thanks for you comment, I updated our translate file. If you have any more incorrect translations, please report them so we can update our website!


We translated everything on the website. If there is still something we didn't translate (and that is possible, with more than 50.000+ lines of code), let me know! Also let me know if something is wrong translated or isn't "standard-English".



Was messing around with the site, and found that the daily reports section does not offer a language option other than Deutsch
Reports remain in Deutsch, and Page Translate and Language Selection does not translate page
Just wanted to make sure you were aware of the issue


I think we missed the daily reports... Should be translated right now :)

Thanks and let me know if something else is not translated!


I just can't seem to be able to install Modscripts in English. What could I be doing wrong? I have chosen English on the website.


You're right. While we added en94 to the Statics, we also enabled the "Create List" en some other features. But, that made that en90/en94 are in Dutch and all other worlds in English.

I think it is fixed right now, let me know if it is still in Dutch.


Brilliant, thanks. One very minor point - when you search for a ghost town, instead of "Results" it's still the Dutch "Resultaat" - perfectly easy to understand, but not quite right.

Looking very useful, thanks.


Should be fixed :) I also added the features to go to the Modscripts website from a player or alliance profile.


That's lovely, thank you. :)

A couple of translations for the website - still have "geen" in alliances instead of "none" and "Onbekend" similarly, "spookstad" which I much prefer to the English word Ghost - I'll keep looking.


A lot of systems broke after I updated the translations, because there were checks like IF(Alliance = None) in Dutch what didn't work with the updated translations. Should be fixed now.

Thanks for your support!


Dear Modscripts Users!

Some days ago, we updated our servers. This means that the statics pages will be updated between 0:04 and 0:25 GMT! It's like five hours faster than before.
This also means that we will add all EN worlds in the future. Most worlds are added this night.

Thanks for using Modscripts,


We've something new!

Modscripts Maps - Create island images and set colors for an alliance or player
Modscripts Today - Statics of the current day with attackpoints, defencepoints, player points, lost towns and conquered towns. The data comes directly from Grepolis, so there is no delay except the standard Grepolis delay.



Let me know what you think about it!


And another update:
- You can now search for Ghost Towns based on the Ocean (website + script)
- Removed the timeout (30 seconds) and uservalidation when you are searching Ghost Towns ingame (Modscripts Script)


Some guys on the Dutch server requested a calculator for your cultural level and CP. I made a list up to 1000 cities (more cities? Prove it!) and you can calculate your CP or cultural level ^^

Check it out :)
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