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What is Morale?

Morale relates to the size of an attacker compared to a defender. It is essentially to help smaller players get established. A large player will have a low morale when he attacks a small player. Think of it as though his army feels sorry for the troops of the smaller player they are attacking so they don't fight as well. Morale doesnt affect the resources you take from the cities it affects your troops for Example:

10 swordsmen against 10 Slingers with 100% morale= loss of 10 slingers for the attacker and 7 swordsmen for the defender

10 swordsmen against 10 Slingers with 50% morale= loss of 10 slingers for the attacked and 3 swordsmen for the defender

Do you see the difference?

The result of this is that we end up with a "fish in the sea" type of effect. Small fish gets eaten by middle sized fish gets eaten by large fish gets eaten by a shark.


How do we adust morale?

So how do we adjust our Morale? If they have 10 Sword, and I attack with 100 Horse, my morale is low, and I might loose more than if I attacked with only 20 horse - which gave me a higher morale. Do you have any formulas to figure this out?


Taken from the Wiki:

Morale is a feature which compensates the large disadvantage a small player has when being attacked by a larger player and vice versa.

What is Morale?

When one player attacks an another, a Morale figure is calculated using the following formula:

[(Points Defender/Points Attacker)*3+0.3]*100

If this figure is greater than 100, morale will be 100% and will therefore have no effect on a battle. Only if the attackers point total is 4 times or greater than that of the defenders will morale take effect. The lowest figure of morale possible is 30. Despite being debatable, morale decreases the advantage of a large attacker on the smaller player.

Morale can be calculated via the Simulator.


If you want morale to be high attack players your own size or demolish buildings so your points go down a little.


that really doesn't help a whole lot if you have about 5% morale. When I attacked a 175 point city, I lost a lot of units because my morale was like 5%. Morale is just annoying.


Generally in the reports or when you attack before you send the attack it will tell you how much morale. Have a look. But I don't play morale worlds because it's just painful!

Also your example with swords and slingers isn't a good idea as they have a bad type match up so that would influence the out come as well.


yea i know :) i only play HW now and most starte at the same time.Morale becomes aa punishment when some one is getting beaten and starts loosing citys.It should lock at what ever it was when you first attack the other player,thats why i think it is a reward for sucking :) but as they say opions are like A holes and we all have one


Would tend to agree with Spooky. I believe Morale was put in place as a check since there is no joining cut off date. Note to new players: If after you first log in, everyone on your island is 10k points or more ahead of you, you're in the wrong world.


What if a player with low ranking tries to attack a player with higher ranking?
I mean, will morale be in favor of the low ranking player, or the higher?


I have been trying to drum into my alliance the importance of watching your moral on targets for a while and got sick of it. So i sat and typed this up, then thought if it wasn't already here i may as well share. The numbers aren't exact to the last .00001% lol but close enough to show the importance of it.

Working it out on the simulator -

100% moral

1k slings vs 1k Swords/1k archers/1k hops
Your attack kills 155 across the board with Commander/Phalanx bonus's, 25 wall and tower.

100% - 155
90% - 137 - about 11.6% less damage
80% - 119 - about 23.2% less damage
70% - 101 - about 34.9% less damage
60% - 84 - about 45.8% less damage
50% - 67 - about 56.8% less damage

So with 90% moral that's just a drop of 10% moral and your troops are already doing about 11.6% less damage. As you can see it only get worse from there as 80% moral is 23.2% drop in total damage and so on and so on. So i decided to set a limit at 80% moral from now as most of the damage you lose can be covered by heroic power.

In luck terms the drop in moral equates to a 1v1 drop by the looks of it. So -1% moral is equivalent to -1% luck. Basically if you hit a 70% moral target you are starting your fight with a -30% luck hit and we all know how much that already sucks against a 100% moral target. Now imagine that stacked 70% moral with a -30% luck hit -_-

I hope this sheds light on the whole subject of how severe moral is.
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