Important Mother Thread


This is the mother thread. Like I said I’ll be updating this daily hopefully with useful info.

Herakalion stats:

Section descriptions:

Main world forum:
This is for Heraklion world related topics. Threads in this section might be things such as ratings, and world related discussions. Threads here might be things such as announcements, pnps or top 12 alliance discussions. Please keep the section clean of things like games, alliance threads or spam related topics. General forum rules of course apply. On another note although the labyrinth says it’s for things such as newspapers, potms etc, I would not mind if they were posted in the main world area. If there’s a good newspaper I’ll put together a sticky thread with the links to all the papers, and will sticky the current one.

The Labyrinth:
This area will be used predominantly for games and fun things. Threads here do not have to be related to Heraklion, but can be if so desired, (you might have a world themed game for example) I will allow a degree of spam on certain topics so long as they don’t cross the line. Threads here might be things such as count to 1000, count to 50 before a mod or world related topics like funny city names etc. This is designed to be a more relaxed enjoyable section.

Heraklion Alliances:
This section is designed solely for the purposes of recruitment threads. Please do not post discussions about alliances here, or curly will be unhappy with you all ;). Like I said, this is just for recruitment threads or alliance threads if you for some reason want to post but not recruit.

Current Competitions:
While there are none currently I plan to put up some competitions/fun votes. My plan is to have a competition of some kind monthly, a potm which would hopefully be monthly as well. Then, if all goes well every week there will be some kind of fun world related vote (or maybe just general) such as best alliance, best recruitment thread, best profile, best profile picture etc. I’ll let you guys decide which kind of vote you want, as you know what you want, not me ;). I may also put together a discussion of the week, (credit to osl) if you want it.







Current Announcements:

Heraklion World is open

I'm back hope you've all been good

Current goals for you all:

Get some kind of newspaper going
Have an active, happy forum
Get some discussions going
Keep within the rules

Things to improve on/comments:

Your all doing well, great activity, keep it up please.

Think that’s all for now, Like I said I will try to update this, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, and if you want anything done just send me a message and I’ll do my best to help.

Happy posting everyone, let’s make this a great, active forum ;).
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me and jarp can spam it if you want? I could bring him here :)

that'll soon get the thread going o_O


how about a discussion topic of the week curly? like the old Debate and Discussion, but like what Thomas did in Delphi to revive the forum there.