Movie: Batman vs Superman


Two of the most popular superheroes ever created, battling it out on screen for the first time ever! That's gotta be a massive event!

Personally, I was sorta disappointed by the version in theatres. The plot seemed sketchy, the character motivations were weak, and the movie didn't flow well together. Then I heard about this longer version of the movie (or as they call it, the "Ultimate Edition"), which supposedly had 30 minutes of extra footage. Checked it out. It's actually really good!

Obviously, the movie has some stupid moments (MARTHAAA!?) and isn't perfect, but this longer version of the movie felt more coherent, characters were more fleshed out, and the villain's plan actually made a lot more sense (god knows why they decided to cut all of that).

What did you think of the movie?


The version that they release in the theatres causes drained and depressed .Really hates the storyline and a dumb B grade movie at best.