My work here is done


Well boys and girls it's been a lot of fun by it looks like my use in this world has come to an end.

I would like to thank the likes of KillerCat66, Afinch, and the rest of Blood-Dimmed tide for making the early part of the game so interesting, had you tried to play a little less dirty you may have stood a chance at winning this game, but your dirty tactics were soon worked out by your closest allies and they did not fear you, despite being only half your size.

A special thanks needs to be said to Veaterking, much of my fun in this game came because of you, if only Huddo had done his job as leader, instead of simming his way to the top, he might have prevented Warlords and GW from turning on him and in turn them reaching out to the remaining Bravehertz, and getting them to join T.N.A

Speaking of T.N.A I feel I need to thank them, they served a purpose by insuring that BDT were being attacked from all sides. It's quite amusing when you think how TB acted towards Warlords and GW, because if it wasn't for Warlords and GW deciding to stand up against BDT when they did, then you can be sure BDT supported by GW and Warlords would have steamrolled T.N.A in the following months.

This world was decided along time ago, it was only ever going to be Great Warriors or Warlords who won it The Barbarians/T.N.A were always going to be a threat, but at the end of the day GW and Warlords spent their time on honest diplomacy while Thane and Co spent their time arguing with me in this very forum. It comes as no surprise that Mr Badger knew none of the names of fellow leaders/diplomats, where as the other big alliance leaders were on first name terms with each other.

But inspite of the lack of diplomacy and the recruiting of BDT players, TNA would have still stood a chance had they done one thing, think about the WW phase before it started, all this arguing with me on here, and all the rumours you started to try and get alliances to join you, if you had ignored all that, you could have spent some time getting your WW islands in order much like GW and Warlords spent months doing.

So, I hope you all had fun, it was nice watching BDT crumble, and then even nicer watching the alliance who harbored these mercenaries at the end fail to win despite all their dirty tactics.

Apologises for the rambling nature of this thread, I was too excited about the results of this world, to coherently put this together :D But hopefully I'll see you all in another world soon.

Best Regards,
Some call me George.


Whatever. I hope I find you in another world!

BDT at it's height would take Down Barbarians Now! And take down Warlords. But BDT is past, SOU past. Future and present all that matters so I appreciate the funny remarks and humerous comments.
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You'll never find me in another world. Mainly because i'd never use this account in another world as the name is tarnished, it'd be better to start again under a different username.

BDT at it's height failed to take down Warlords. BDT and the Barbarians failed to realise the strength of the GW-Warlords bonds hence why they never fought alone.

Good luck, in your next world, and I hope you find a commentator as colorful as me in it ;)


Ahhh Grimesy, I was starting to think you didn't care. I'd like to thank you for your running commentary and opinion during the last year. I didn't always agree with it but am sure it was honestly held. It added some extra colour and spice into an otherwise dull forum.

Warlords were always the front runners for victory imho. They had stable membership and good grouped defensive city locations. Although they were never really tested in battle.
GW had a great top 10 but were weak in depth. Their need to keep recruiting noobs to replace losses weakened them and at the end had too many weak links. Special note of congrats to Bigskyguy for planning the best Op I saw in Omega on Warlords Gardens and to everyone involved in the execution. It was truly spectacular.
TNA made 2 mistakes - one outside their control and 1 within. They should have merged with Ownage instead of the ill fated attempt to merge with ninjabeatninja's crew. We lost a lot of membership at that time which forced our hand just to survive. The second which hit hard at the wrong time was the banning of 2 players with 170 cities between them and 3 WW islands were compromised. This was not something any of us had even thought about let alone planned for. We were left scrambling just to stand still.

GW didn't realise soon enough that in the end 'There can be only one' When 2 sides fight, the victor is the 3rd.

But thanks again and good luck wherever you end up.


Whatever nothing but nonsense. Warlords had a few great things going for them for sure! The 4 academies in the very beginning really helped you all. BDT lacked a few things, our placement wasn't as closely knit and loyalty from our players some we forced over.

Thanks for the fun arguments

Thane Badger

It's certainly right that TNA didn't prepare for the World Wonders in the best way, however I wouldn't give yourself any credit for that.
For most of the time leading up to World Wonders everyone was ignoring this forum and your desperate attempts to keep flaming.

Also the World World wonders were organized by a completely different group than the fighting so you didn't distract anyone from world wonders at any time.

Having four player banned certainly put a damper on things and the time scale for dealing with it was way off.

I predicted that Warlords and GW would divide the spoils between them when once BDT were finished, so I was under no illusion there.
We were a splinter group from an allaince that died about a week after we splintered, our original idea didn't involve competing for world wonders or any kind of dominance outside our own little ocean. People just kept asking to join and confronted with an ever increasing alliance it was hard enough to get to know my own players never mind anyone else.

We got involved against BDT after Killercat asked me to come to the aid of Warlords, because they were taking such a beating that the world would soon be over. That turned out to be a fatal attempt to feed his own ego.

GW managed, with your help, to work themselves down from a winning position.
All TNA wanted to do was secure their own area, Ownage and TDA wanted to do their own thing. None of us would have been big enough to compete for world wonders on our own.

Once GW began to stick their nose into Minoans and their fight with TDA, once they started recruiting g.t.f.0/Havoc players and trying to push into 054 just to annoy us, they set too many people against them, assisted by the blige you were spouting here. Most people didn't care about Warlords or about World Wonders they just wanted to screw things up for GW, because it was GW who were trying to backstab everyone else.

So really to talked yourself out of a winning position by trying to big up your own ego, rather than keeping your head down and sneaking your way to the end.

See if you want to be a "master manipulator", bragging about it is counterproductive. Right up to the end, the common feeling was that Warlords winning was preferable to GW.

If we could have bought more time then in the end we would have enough back up to maintain our numbers to carry the day.

You claiming any kind of credit for Warlords winning is a joke. All you did was ensure GW lost.
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You claiming any kind of credit for Warlords winning is a joke. All you did was ensure GW lost.

Oh Thane, at least 60% of Omega know who I am, so how can you still have so little clue?

Still, it's funny you mention everyone trying to ensure GW lost when you worked with them to ensure neither of you lost.

Remember to Thank KNL73 and SCMG for getting the likes of Khazmo and Co to join T.N.A from the sinking ship of Bravehertz and for inviting you into the war with B.D.T before B.D.T turned on you.
If KC66 really felt they were beating Warlords so badly, then it's strange that BDT leaders were begging GW to also turn against Warlords. BDT never fought with honour so it's strange that the most dishonourable player in the alliance would seek to level the playing field. - Oh that's right, just more nonsense from the man they call TB.
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Thane Badger

Remember to Thank KNL73 and SCMG for getting the likes of Khazmo and Co to join T.N.A from the sinking ship of Bravehertz and for inviting you into the war with B.D.T before B.D.T turned on you.

LOL, We had pacts with Corpus Mortale and Bravehertz before Christmas so save repeating the same drivel. Whatever anyone thinks they initiated, it was already in line with what we were doing.

I also wonder what I said that convinces you I didn't know who you were. You are still convinced you are so much smarter than everyone else?
You try to convince everyone that Warlords winning was part of your "master plan", you aren't fooling anyone. As I said, you pushed things too far and you bragged too much. You made yourselves enemy number one, even to the extent that when Warlords should have been getting more attention people still wanted to carve your alliance up. Oh you also managed to convince Havoc to join us after months of indecision too.
It's easy just to dismiss anything that doesn't suit you view as "dirty tricks" or "nonsense."

Fact is. We joined the fight against BDT because Killer Cat asked us to. Otherwise my view was exactly how it panned out and exactly what I questioned in the begining. When BDT is beaten what's to stop Warlords and GW doing the same thing to everyone else.

For the record at this point we had already been in a pact with Bravehertz and Corpus Mortale, we had planned to attack Havoc until BDT hit Bravehertz 24 hours beforehand.
world war 1

KillerCat66 on 2012-01-29 at 20:03
Yeah, that's why I suggest waiting to see who comes out on top early before rushing in - I have no idea how the massive numbers against us will stack up against our few large players - but either way should be fun (certainly better than everyone against BH, right?)

Thane Badger on 2012-01-29 at 19:39
It's difficult because whoever wins is clearly going to be the next top dog and recruit half of the losers.

KillerCat66 on 2012-01-29 at 19:33

not sure if word has reached you, but WW1 is about to begin... I finally got a big fight together that I think is balanced! Teams seem to be :


Which side will you take? I think best would be if you and Omegatron waited to see who started losing this war and then came in to help (like the Americans) but obviously if you want to take this shot to team up with everybody and take out #1 this may be your last chance...


See he was always desperate to get us to fight against him because his ego insisted that he proved we weren't better than him and the disparity in our sizes meant that he had to get us into some kind of opposing multi alliance force for there to be any kind of meaning to the fight.

Ironically though, it was us who recruited the survivors, solely because of the way we were turned on as soon as it was possible.

24 Hours later

world war 1?

dynomut66 on 2012-01-30 at 20:30
yeah that post i copied to you was from their forum

Thane Badger on 2012-01-30 at 20:29
I'll ask the cat.
Have you revealed your secret identity yet They knew there was a spy.

dynomut66 on 2012-01-30 at 20:28
I have no idea, all I know is that Warlords will fall in less than a week at this rate

Thane Badger on 2012-01-30 at 20:2
So what about Havoc? are BDT going to bring in Havoc as an ally or stay on their own?

dynomut66 on 2012-01-30 at 20:25
This account was the spy - notice "dynomut66" .... similar to "killercat66"?
dynomut66 2012-01-30 20:22

dynomut66 and killercat66 are friends in real life - dynomut66 became bored with the game and just fed killercat66 information

Thane Badger on 2012-01-30 at 20:24
OK so you are a BDT spy in warlords?
Thiis is getting weird LOL

dynomut66 on 2012-01-30 at 20:23
yeah, I'm in the process of giving up my spy account in warlords to even things out a bit

Thane Badger on 2012-01-30 at 20:22
Is that a message from Killer Cat asking us to attack him?

dynomut66 on 2012-01-30 at 20:20
khazmo,thane, regno71,

this "world war 1" of mine is going to end in the next few days if things don't change... A lot of my players are gold-munchers with boat loads of city slots and warlord leadership (scmg, eddiebenz, and more76) are crumbling - only regno71 stands to fight... so please help them out if you can. if your alliances do not want to declare war on us because they are afraid of attacks, at least support the warlords... if the warlords fall quietly this world will be boring and no coalition of alliances will be able to put up a fight...


Nonsense is it? funny how everything I say from memory can be backed up from the archives of my PM's.

For the record Corpus Mortale merged with us about 3 weeks after this. We had an NAP with them from just about when we formed, based on the threat from BDT. We had discused merging a number of times.

We formed a pact with Bravehertz to attack Havoc in early January, Killercat encouraged us to do this and then hit Bravehertz from behind while they were preparing their attack. After Bravhertz broke up there were discussions about various merge options between Corpus, TNA and Bravehertz.

At that point in the game GW and Warlords were distant butt buddies of BDT.

If you can put aside fantasy for one moment, this was the reason that Havoc joined the fight against BDT. I later proved to Mila that Killercat had been stirring up trouble against them, so that Havoc would side with BDT until it was their turn to be hit.

See your gameplan wasn't that imaginative or original and it didn't work. So making a thread called My work is done, like you achieved anything but the defeat of your own alliance, typifies your need to be a legend in your own mind.
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Juicy info!

KC was always a tricky bastard.

eddiebenz had some nice cities btw well built!

Thane Badger

I remember Ediie Benz from the early days when he attacked Momsbasement's original isolated city.

It was 10-12 hours away from the rest of us but we alll sent biremes every day to keep up our record of never having lost a city to a hostile player.

After about 2 weeks Mom's renemed the city Eddie Benz Over.


Yeah BSG most of Omega knows about your little alter ego. But just so you know, you were an alright leader. A more or less fair one. It was Kimi and Gunner who never opened us the whole truth, never giving us any real direction, always trying to make the whole alliance follow their uninspiring ideas. I am glad I quit GW. Hope to never see most of these guys again on the battlefield. They got what they deserved, I am glad Warlords won.

Whoever you are, you're clueless if you think I'm grimesy.


Nonsense is it? funny how everything I say from memory can be backed up from the archives of my PM's.

Funny how, you couldn't find the PM's between myself and you over a city claim dispute on the borders o54/o55 4 weeks after I sent the PM - you infact couldn't even recall the conversation - yet can dig out PM's from nearly a year ago to suit your propaganda.

Same old TB.

Thanks for the running commentary Grimsey, true or not it's been quite an entertaining read in quite a dull world.

Thane Badger

Maybe I just couldn't be bothered with you.

There wasn't any "city claim dispute". You were interested in one city, the player went on VM for a month and as soon as he became inactive Momsbasement took his city.

You turned up a day late squealing like a baby that you wanted that city and I should have remembered some vague conversation from over a month ago.

There's a big difference between me proving what I remember and you wanting me to prove what you think I should have remembered.

Funny how you can't back up your own argument and think you can promote your own BS until someone else has to prove you wrong but you can call out anyone else with no proof and be assumed to be right until, once again someone else has to come up with the evidence.

Same old BS.

As far as I can tell this is the foundation for what you are talking about.

This is what I should have remembered. and considering the title and the afterthought it's no wonder that after a month it wouldn't jump out of the page. even if I had bothered to spend the time looking for it

Ironically under the Title: Let's not increase the hostility.

Thane Badger on 2012-07-02 at 11:39
I think that that TDA have put forward some legitimate concerns but the more this drags on the more I get a sense of hostility that the boat has actually been rocked.

Only TDA didn't rock the boat, they just got hit by some big waves.
We're looking for a bit of solidarity.
scmg on 2012-07-02 at 11:51
I agree, and if you read the forum you'll find that nearly everyone from the likes of Great Warriors, Warlords, Havoc etc is in agreement.
Now we are just waiting for Ragamu to comeback and let us know what are going to do, now the rest of the UN has spoken.
Thane Badger on 2012-07-02 at 11:56
Is he playing for time?

How long has he got?

scmg on 2012-07-02 at 11:59
To be honest I don't know. You may want to diplomatically suggest a deadline in the forum.
As I don't believe a deadline has been set for any decision making.

I agree with your comments, that things do seem to be dragging along a bit.

Thane Badger on 2012-07-02 at 12:04
Wednesday is independence day isn't it?
It's an appropriate time but I wonder if more or less people will be around.

scmg on 2012-07-02 at 12:11
I'm not sure if people will be more or less active on that day.
But 48 hours should be plenty of time for to make a decision, unless Ragamu is legitimately offline.

Later that day the conversation continued on a different subject

Thane Badger on 2012-07-02 at 16:29
OK so now since we said we will take care of 054 suddenly Great Warriors are making a lot of claims in 054.

I don't understand these tactics does it mean that when 054 is finished we should go to 065 instead or should we just focus on one area each?

scmg on 2012-07-02 at 16:39
You're welcome to go after the 4-5 remaining BDT cities in o65, although that is more Warlords territory.

I am simply finally attempting to take the city of someone who I have battled with since day one of this war. Someone who has a city next door to mine, which just so happens to be on the borders of 064/054/055. Is this a problem?
Thane Badger on 2012-07-02 at 16:49
Well Talking about stuff stops problems developing, for sure my guys will be wondering why there's a bunch of claims going in and it helps if I have all the answers.
Strategically the more cities we have close together the bigger punches we can deliver. If BDT keep building these turtle islands, we are going to have to go in full handed and break them up until they get bored of starting again.

scmg on 2012-07-02 at 16:58
Ok. Well I can assure you there is no alterer motive for GW behind my claim. Just me and the guy who hates me most in Omega going at it.
If you can search back far enough you'll see at one stage I colonised 6 cities next door to Simdavrob cities and this is the last remaining neighbouring city left, and if I conquer it, i'd be happy to swap it for a Warlord city in o65, or a TNA city in 055 or a city in o56.

Thane Badger on 2012-07-02 at 16:59
you know it's not the same simdavrob right?
Veaterking took over his account.
scmg on 2012-07-02 at 17:14
Yes, and mine and Veaterkings rivalry goes back to before the UN was even formed.

Thane Badger on 2012-07-02 at 17:15
I can understand that.
scmg on 2012-07-02 at 18:12
You sound hesitant. If you have any doubts about my story, or history feel free to speak to one of the other UN leaders such as KNL73 or Regno71 to validate my history.

Thane Badger on 2012-07-02 at 18:24

not at all lol he's a horrible little squib.
I had a few cracks at him on the main forum.
The Dark Lord of the Internet.


What happened next was that Simda/Veater went into VM for a month. As soon as he came out of VM Momsbasement launched a CS at his city.

Apparently I should have remembered this conversation and this prior want of yours to take this city that you would happily give away, even though it now belonged to an inactive player.
I should have also been online the moment that Momsbasement made his claim and intervened saying that on the basis of the above conversation this inactive city should still be reserved for the mighty SCMG, even though in this PM there is no mention of the name of the city.

So here we are 5 months later and you are still crying about this nonsense. It's time to let go silly boy.
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Your reply is dripping in irony. The PM you posted is because you contacted me - with the Title: Let's not increase the hostility - because I had claimed a different city of Veaterkings, after seeing Moms had rightly claimed the city I was after.

I then simply used the exact same defence you were using against me on one city (someone had already claimed that city, before he went on VM therefore i'm not entitled too it), against you on another city (I had already claimed that city, before he went on VM so why should I not be entitled too it?).

The fact that after 5 months you can't see that my argument mirrors your argument to the letter is very amusing, and one of the reasons I carried on playing this game til the end.

Thane Badger

No you are completely wrong.

I contacted you over the issue of g/t/f/o (now cencored) and Minoans.

The FIRST part of that PM is a discussion about that and what the title referred to was not stirring up more trouble with g/t/f/o (now cencored) and Minoans and the rest of the UN.

However hindsight showed that was exactly what GW intended all along.

Later that day after I had suggested on our shared "UN" forum that we focus on 054, there was flurry of claims put in on 054 cities by GW, nothing specific to you what so ever was mentioned but when you explained your intention nothing more was said about it. Everything else happened a month later, so your agrument looks very hollow to me.

As for your "exact same defence" you will have to show me that, because at this point the onus is on you.

I've corrected everything you've said so far and every time you pull another rabbit from your butt, so if you are really intent on crying about some conquest of some inactive city from 5 months ago and you really can't let it go, come back with further details about this huge transgression of your right to conquer cities a month after you made a claim and we can spend another 5 months talking pointlessly about how petty minded you were about wanting to take a city off Veaterking even after he had already quit the game.

I then simply used the exact same defence you were using against me on one city (someone had already claimed that city, before he went on VM therefore i'm not entitled too it), against you on another city (I had already claimed that city, before he went on VM so why should I not be entitled too it?).
I have no idea what you are talking about.

What city?, what "he" and I didn't use any argument at all. Moms took the city and you were too late. (Tough) You cried about it and everyone, including me ignored you. There was no "argument". If you think I contacted you and said anything along the lines of "You aren't entitled to take (whatever) city", then please post the PM as a record. As I recall and as you already stated, I simply said Oh I remember you wanted some city of his but it was a long time ago and I don't remember which one it was. How can you expect me to remember everything that happens in the game and control everything that happens afterwards?

Moms simply beat you to the punch and by the time you found out and came crying to me it was already too late, I didn't need any argument because it was already done. I could have referred you to moms to negotiate for you taking the city off him, but as you had already stated you weren't interested in taking the city, just in getting some kind of cheap thrill out of making a conquest of Veaterking and as Veaterking had already quit and because I imagine moms would give you a much shorter and much more explicit answer than me I didn't think it was worth suggesting.

On reflection it might have been a good move, 5 months of listening to, trying to avoid you and having to answer you with countless posts, could have been curtailed by moms giving you a simple 7 letter reply begining and ending in F.

Why you keep trying to play this game?, Maybe because you think you are smart enough to keep talking nonsense and it will confuse people into thinking you have a point to make.... You don't, you make a big deal about nothing just for something to do.

What I never understood is why you don't just play the game on the board instead of failing at these stupid attempts to put other people down and big yourself up. The fact that after 5 months you are still crying (and still creating BS) over someone else taking over an INACTIVE city from a player you personally wanted to put down, even after he had quit, goes to show what a totally petty-minded individual you are.

This is a non event, only your determination to make a huge deal about nothing gives it any significance at all, only the fact you you are prepared to bend over backwards wth your BS to try to make it reflect badly on me rather than on you, keeps it going.

I had nothing to do with Moms taking your precious city. That's the most ridiculous part of this. I asked you why GW's players were making a bunch of claims on 054 cities, you told me your reasons and that was that. No I didn't file it away and make a post in our forums telling everyone that for the rest of time they should not attempt to take the all hallowed, but unnamed SCMG city of desire. So sue me. It still doesn't have any other point besides you are willing to BS about anything just to have an argument.

So once again, stop wasting everyone else's time with your pointless bollocks.
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Yawn...same old Thane are you sure you're not Grimesy? I spent 3-4 months proving you wrong at every turn, hence why you had no friends to merge with and had to turn to BDT (enemy #1), and then had to kiss and make up with GW (enemy #2) to try and take on Warlords, so i'm not going to waste my time and do it again.

Just go and log in as Grimesy and argue with yourself, because you're the only one still listening too you.


Thane you letters are tooooo long. you make the people booooooooring to read them.
the same old Thane. messing around all the time even if he quit.

Thane Badger

Yawn...same old Thane are you sure you're not Grimesy? I spent 3-4 months proving you wrong at every turn, hence why you had no friends to merge with and had to turn to BDT (enemy #1), and then had to kiss and make up with GW (enemy #2) to try and take on Warlords, so i'm not going to waste my time and do it again.

Just go and log in as Grimesy and argue with yourself, because you're the only one still listening too you.

Finally you are going to shut up but you aren't fooling anyone but yourself.

No one would merge with us but BDT? How dumb is that? After we merged with BDT, Havoc merged with us and half of TDA. So it's probably best you stop, you are making far too much of a donkey of yourself.


Once GW began to stick their nose into Minoans and their fight with TDA, .

No Thane, this was no fight with TDA, this was a fight with your ego. We were at all times quite clearly at war with your whole little ego thing. If we were fighting TDA then we would of had no attacks from TNA/UN, damnit, you name it, you sent it. It you off no end that you couldn't get your way.

As for your players being banned it pretty much shows what kind of an outfit you were running anyway... Largest collectiomn of banned players and twerps going, though undoubtedly you the were the worst of them all....

I had fun laughing at you, at least.