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Thats the point. To many deciding factors to keep track of. Yes there were many in Knossos. Majority merged. Which was also a thing discussed before we moved in. It was made clear by other founders though that your side wouldnt go for it.

As for Helorus, I didnt get booted there. I ghosted because I really was not focusing there, and couldnt really devote time to that server to help. I got kicked in Knossos after joining JW to go after LOD's WW. I asked Tim about it, and his response was "I think you know why" lol. Funny how the decision to move on PS was made by a full council, yet I seen to be the only "Bad Guy" in the bunch :heh:


I don't sleep at night, I play Grepolis, but if you could tell me your time zone, I would be glad to give you a rim job, I have no problems taking enemy cities.
thanks for looking at my brother's account...

VladamirHadra isn't my ingame, and I am in LoL for your info. So great job insulting my brother

@jmelton32: at least I sign my -rep, and I am sure I could rim rainmaker given a completely fair fight

@Rainmaker: I don't hide behind a false name, I have tried repeatedly to get my forum name changed, but they won't do it. VladamirHadra was an account I had made when I had been playing for 1 week because I thought you needed another account to play on another world. I realized my mistake and gave the account to my brother.
Well you posted your game name finally. Again, I ask what you do at night cause it certainly is not playing Grepo.You say you dont mind taking enemy cities but have you actually taken any enemy cities? Grepointel doesn't have any information on any of the players you took cities from other than the city Prae gave you. I still believe you are going to have a rough time rimming me considering your betters have been trying for a month...
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