MYRA Do not join


iLLuMinaTi ( Seems to change his name every day.
AKAMyra aka rick jesus AKA tipi 4 my bunghole AKA F**K you all :
This person has been harrasing players, attacking people and then joining the players alliance so he cant be attacked.
He was kicked out of an alliance and is now in the process of being taken over.
NOW he is trying to start his own allinace to keep from being taken over.
This Person needs to go. I have already sent a mess. to support about his names and harrasing people.

(quote) from our alliance:

As a member of this alliance, I support this request fully. This man (Rick Jesus) is guilty of treason against his own alliance and has done far more harm than any good to us. To let him stay alive, much less a member of this alliance, would show weakness in our group. I believe we can not show sympathy on this matter- instead, we should attack without remorse.
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