Naming Schemes


Just wondering, what is everybody's naming schemes for their cities?

Personnally, I use WWII Axis members as my cities.

Germany, Japan, Italy, etc.

Rising Legacy

Mine all start with the name 'Ziphos' then I add whatever name fits with it. Ziphos is just a name I happen to like <.< plus it'll look good when I look at my cities at a later date =]

T- Rex

I try to be abstract.. at the moment my only city is called Ordo ab Chaos, which is Latin for..order from chaos

Sir Bubbles

Next world i'm in I will try something else, this is the first play-through for me!! So I have only named one city :) From what I have seen I may get a whole shwack of city's so local towns may have not been the best idea.. (well I hope to get allot of city's)


Well, we beat you the one time that we played you this year. Now, we're going to beat you tomorrow. (Dec. 10)


the number of a city and any word i like.