Need Names For People Against 2.0


Hello all, for the past day i have been emailing innogames about the results of the survey, many other worlds claim they are not for it, so i want to know where their numbers are from, as of now i am demanding a re-survey on a world by world basis, but i need more exact figures to throw at them.

If you are against 2.0, please post your name and approx amount of money spent on gold each year here (convert to USD if possible)

Please only post that, nothing else so i can keep this organized so we have a fighting chance to preserve delta.

List Of Players So Far
mrpicky - $50
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Totally disagree with your stance.

I am delighted that Delta is going to be upgraded to a version 2 world and I voted for this.


Karel Wakzalver,

its the style of game that many people are either going to like it or not. I have played both and didnt enjoy the new features in 2.0. I ended up playing 1.X sever that i enjoyed more. Many people that stayed in the old worlds want to keep the old settings, If the new settings are in place many people are going to quit and and these severs will die off faster than predicted.


Please keep this to the petition topic that Strico opened this thread for. This is not a 1.26 v. 2.0 Thread. Thanks.


Well for the record I keep the gold stocked but am not sure of an exact number. the farming systems are completely different and will allow the people that never farm to attack a few farms and get resources for nothing and if they change the speeds of the building queues or troops I will quit instantly. It will change the entire dynamic of this server.


I suggest everyone does an alliance survey and takes the alliance survey to the developers.

Has there been a definite decision as to when they upgrade?

This will just benefit those with safe cores but as I recall it doesn't mean the end of the world. Just a transition to the hero world where the elite battle it out if I remember correctly. Correct me if I'm wrong. Not for it though.


I can remember when rim alliance were any outside 44/45/54/55 and how we have run out of 'space'. This leads me to question what comes next? will the center be repopulated? Clearly that would be grossly unfair to new players landing in amongst the original giants.

Then I realised this is why grepo have hastily enacted the hero worlds. They designed a map system that by it's definition has a set limit. To my mind this simply displays a lack of foresight and a vain attempt to cash in on the players who remain.
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Atticus X

I wasn't for the upgrade, but since it is coming anyway, you might all want to consider where you will go once the hero worlds do open and there is a possibility of server populations populating the same hero world.

Should be interesting ;-)


Basically only the players who dont really play wont qualify for the hero me the requirements make it even less desirable..

paul grady

I dont want it or the wonder islands or the vast amounts of grey cities that will pop up when people move to the new world and I may quit because of it