* New Alliance: Athens *


Hello, I am Ziarios of Hueleithopon city and a female founder of the alliance Athens, which is based on the goddess Athena - Our alliance is about all Athena's symbolisms and what/who she is, and we hope and try to follow what she was like and eventually become one of the most reasonable, fair and war-ready alliances within the world Chi.

Description of alliance:


We are the great Athens, who hold wisdom, warfare, battle strategy, heroic endeavour, handicrafts, and reason!

Our god is the great goddess Athena who strengthens our minds and bodies to pull through the oceans and islands into becoming the best alliance around!

We strive for peace and fairness!


250+ Points
Active daily
Good grammar


2 Leaders [To control whole alliance and manage it whilst the founders away]
2 Commanders [To make war decisions etc]
1 War Official [To confirm war decisions]
1 Recruiter [To recruit the staff]
5 Councillors [To make decisions]
1 Head Councillor [To finalise decisions made]
5 Forum Moderators [To control the forum and post important threads]
1 Head Moderator [To decide the moderators positions and what to be posted/categorised]

If you think any more positions should be added, message me or post it on the alliance forum and I'll add it here. "

I'm not asking for much to join, and I'm looking for friendly, active, strong players who can show fairness throughout Grepolis. I'm open to pacts and will accept any :)- Thanks for reading.


I'm wondering how your alliance can ever reach any decision with all those guys, you'd better rename it "European parliament" xD

I can imagine the scene:
- Chief one of our city is under attack!
- Wait we need to submit request to the Commanders to make the decision
.... 2 hours later
- We got the Commanders agreement, we are ready!
- Wait we need to submit the Commander decision to the war official
.... 1 hour later
- War Official accepted the request Chief, we are ready to go to war!
- wait we need to get this ratified by the council
..... after 5 hours, the council reached a decision
- It is ok chief, council accepted, we can go now
- Did the head chancellor signed the decree ?
- .... no ... f$%#.....
...... 4 hours later
- Chief we got the sign, can we ... ?
- Good, now submit it to Alliance leader for confirmation
- He already lost his city chief, the 12 hours for revolt are over ... and he stopped grepolis minutes ago due to RL matter
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Can't you narrow it down to a simple:forum mod, leader, diplomat, recruiter? Everything works better when its simple.