New Mod


But a rule saying that there are no rules is in fact a rule. Its a paradox.
it's okay rooster :eek: maybe the rule is that there is no rules :eek: that must be it :D
Not that it really matters, but I was saying that there can't be a rule that there are no rules because that is a rule. You said that the rule was there are no rules, and I was saying that that situation is not possible.


Well actually there can be no rules, if noone makes a rule because no rules have been made.


errm yes it was, look below :p

see I'm right; strangely

so would you tho :) less time answering tickets and giving out infractions more time developing tools like the auto-updating maps :p
Heh, there's a lot more to be developed than Auto-updating maps


I'm pleased that the new mod hasn't locked this thread yet. Most of them lock the equivalents of this thread after about 7 posts :p