New Spirit Reloaded


We are some active players who felt that Spirit Elite Pirates lost their direction in game and wanted to restart the New Spirit Alliance....

This is the New Spirit Alliance RELOADED

We are back and started recruiting.

We are looking for:
- Active players only
- Experienced players
- New players willing to learn how to play the game as a part of a team

This is a purelly democratic alliance, where the Leadership is constantly under consideration, and has to serve the members.
Pacts are Limited.
Recruitment extremely selective!
Inactivity is not accepted!

In great alliances, members are talking about ideas.
In weak alliances, members talk about facts, and,
In ruined alliances they talk about the others!

Words hurt more than swords.......:eek:


I like internal forums, external forums, upper and lower forums!
This forum especially seems to be in a...proper direction! hahahaha