New Watchdog in your street!!

Discussion in 'World Omicron (en15)' started by Sasukepran, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Sasukepran

    Sasukepran Guest

    hi all,
    I will be your New mod.. i think many don't know me cause i have seriously played only in lambda and chi. Looking forward to work with you guys. Party Hard but keep the noise level within limits...

    have fun...
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  2. sablanizon

    sablanizon Guest

    Oh MAN! Just when I had things under control. LOL welcome mate!
  3. Guest

    welcome aboard
  4. Sasukepran

    Sasukepran Guest

    You Guys have done Great maintaining the level in the past even though these no. of wars going on..Good going Guys
  5. W*Arms

    W*Arms Guest

    Welcome man, good luck with the modship, sounds like a lot of work to me!
  6. ArcherOfOlympus

    ArcherOfOlympus Phrourach

    Apr 18, 2011
    Welcome to omi, hope you like it here
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  7. Murtius

    Murtius Guest

    Let me just start by apologising for all the times I am going to step out of line while you are the mod here. I really don't mean it I just drink a lot :p Welcome to the forum mate.
  8. W*Arms

    W*Arms Guest

    Murt, if you do it now you take away the fun of hearing your pleas.:p
  9. ash 42

    ash 42 Guest

    hello there omicrons a intresting place hope you like spam lol
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  10. bodnapa

    bodnapa Guest

    Welcome the the world of Chaos :p
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  11. W*Arms

    W*Arms Guest

    On the right side you can see the oceans controlled by the unstoppable coallition, on the left side and south of O55 you see the oceans that are being targetted by the coallition.Have fun and please keep your arms and legs within the vehicle at all times.
  12. mhawk10

    mhawk10 Guest

    Hola y mucho gusto.
    (Hello and nice to see you.)
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  13. bodnapa

    bodnapa Guest

    where is our watch dog??? i think he is sleeping :)
  14. Sasukepran

    Sasukepran Guest

    srry guys i was having a short vacation of 10 days.. i am back... any ideas to make the forum more attractive and interesting
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  15. Murtius

    Murtius Guest

    Yea ban me and all of Alpha, DF and CT will start posting here again :)
  16. Aksak Timur

    Aksak Timur Phrourach

    Feb 25, 2011
    Where is our Auto-Updating Maps mod?
  17. Sasukepran

    Sasukepran Guest

    srry for the delay.. but its up :)
  18. W*Arms

    W*Arms Guest

    Murts idea might actually work..
  19. Murtius

    Murtius Guest

    Well of course my idea might work, my ideas always work.................sometimes :)
  20. J.n.c 93

    J.n.c 93 Strategos

    Aug 28, 2010
    Sasuke? Isn't that a character out of Naruto? :p