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Tuesday, 10th December 2013

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Latest News
The Toons are still dominating Nicaea at the top on points and all BP stats. They are tearing into The Grand Order who will surely fall soon. Recently, Romans*The Centurions disbanded, with nearly all of their top players joining the Spartans. Spartans continue to fight both L&D and the Toons, but are struggling on both fronts. The Frat Pack recently merged into L&D firing them back up to second place with over 10 million points; just 1 million behind the Toons. Rancho Relaxo continue to work with the Spartans along with HADES... both of whom are doing relatively well. Toons are taking an immense amount of cities from TGO, but have struggled more against the Spartans. The Spartans have defended well against both Toons and L&D but were exposed for the first time against the latter losing 8 cities in an op a couple of weeks ago. XStream recently launched a successful op against L&D making their first captures of the war.

Wars and Stats
_________Capture top 12 pts.PNG
_________Capture top 12 abp.PNG
_________Capture top 12 dbp.PNG

Toons vs TGO
The Toons have overtaken TGO and are grabbing cities at an astonishing rate here. This war should be over pretty soon if TGO cannot stem the rapidly increasing flow of conquests.

Toons vs Spartans
The Spartans have struggled recently with most of their leaders in vacation mode, although the war continues to progress at a slow rate, with both sides defending well.

Toons vs Romans/XStream
The Toons are ahead but XStream are out of their reach in oceans 75 and 65 so their will be few conquests here for the time being.

L&D vs Spartans
The war has become a little bit more interesting recently with L&D taking the initiative and conquering a few cities, although the difference in score is fairly negligible still; this could be one to watch.

Romans/XStream vs L&D
With Romans*The Centurions disbanded L&D will be going after XStream more, particularly now that they have merged with The Frat Pack and have more cities in oceans 66 & 65. XStream made a few good conquests against actives recently although L&D are still firmly on top here.

Resistance vs TGO
TGO are still struggling against Resistance, and have failed to make a single conquest.​

Spartans/Romans*The Centurions
1) Why did you choose to merge Romans into Spartans?

Romans didn't merge into spartans ,we just unite with them into one super-alliance. As you can see Romans*Byzantine still exist and we are the same alliance with them ,sister alliances. We choosed to do this because we couldn't for one alliance with romans from far east (3 oceanse from edges to travel),we decided then to unite with spartans due to our strong pact who ressisted so long ,and now those from o55 can easily help those from o45 and vice-versa.I suggested to romans a new name change of spartan alliance but they refussed.

2) Have L&D and the Toons proven themselves to be worthy opponents?

Yes they prove worthy , there are some very good players who can make the difference .

3) How do you intend to win the war against L&D and the Toons?

I don't know if we are going to win ,but we are both struggling with inactives ,at one point I conssider that the one alliance with the most active players will win . However there is a long T.T between NT and L&d and that I conssider a huge advantage for us.

4) Why do you think Spartans have been able to survive successfully in the core for so long despite having so many enemies?

Spartans have been able to survive due to their strong pacts with TGO and Romans , they have strong allies who supported them very well , and also they are very well organised in defense.

5) Spartans have been heavily criticised for not taking active cities and turtling; what would you say in response to this?

Yes , they are turtles , but grepolis aim of players is to survive until the end and then to try winning this game. Always defensive stance proved that is worthy than offensive one ,double or triple bp's to achive. And then you can losse one city in exchange of 50k bp's and you will be able to take or found new cities.

6) Where are Spartans looking to expand to next?

I can't be precise with an answer to this question as this will involve my alliance plans.
I can say only that time will show up where we will expand and In my opinion we have a big chance of success.

Additional Comments

I will want to add this :I don't see how L&D can win the game with NT ,because of the big distance between them ,it is just impossible. Also a big difference of war changing direction is The Frat Pack who betrayed romans who saved their asses ,as this rate L&D could be protected at the east.
The Frat Pack/*LOVE and DEATH*
1) Why did you break away from Romans initially?

The merger with the Romans was always an arrangement of convenience. We were fighting on two fronts, with a loose cannon making the situation worse. The merger removed the conflict on both fronts and allowed us to consolidate and assess our options. We never felt entirely comfortable with the Romans and fairly quickly decided that our future lay elsewhere.

2) Why did you elect to merge into L&D?

Due to our geographical proximity, we had always had interactions with L&D, not always positive. Over time, however, we recognized that we had mutual interests and would be far stronger as a combined force. We initially broke away from the Romans and formed The Frat Pack, but we were working so closely with L&D (and PW) that the logical move was to merge.

3) Why do you think you were so successful fighting the Romans?

The Romans are a strong enemy, but we have commitment, skill and excellent communication on our side. Our core position is very strong and we will push the borders of our territory inexorably outwards.

4) How will the ex-Frat members do as L&D members?

We feel like one big family already, so I'm sure we will do fine. There is a great deal of mutual respect and we have already proved our value to the team. As the saying goes, "We're in it to win it."
New Toon
1) Your highest point player Renato25 recently left to join your enemies; why was this?

well let me start by saying Renatoooooo lol he didnt leave NT he was released by me personally. All who Know me know i care not for points or ranking. that being said taikou let me tell you all what happened. NT had ops on friday, and renato was supposedly busy so he wanted to go on Wednesday by himself, we didnt want this and knew mission would fail if he goes solo but he dont care what leadership thinks and he was a one man show, not how NT works bud, so he goes after his best friend currently and worst enemy few weeks back Exorcistul, and ofc his cities were loaded with Defense by TGO/Romans/Spartans lol mission failed, so he was like always and waiting for an excuse to leave and bring back CP, which i had no prob with. so i let him but he wanted to bring back CP and join spartans (who wanted to wipe CP/CV off the map earlier), to fight NT which none of the guys in CP wanted, and he turned his back on them "his own ppl that did hurt them" "it hurts when a friend turns his back on you dawg, at the end of the day all you have left is your word and your ballz!" so he is now with spartans and his time is ticking, TIC-TOC.... he will never be under NT banner as long as im founder of NT!

2) You were accused by Zathio of using dirty tactics to achieve victory, why do you think he made these claims?

lolololll... again i can start by saying Zathiooooooooooo lol dirty tactics huh? well lets figure out who used what. When NT was fighting the whole server, they called that the Grand alliance VS NT, We fought hard and used no dirty tactics. only what was used agains us. We were always destined to fight the #1 alliance. TGO/Romans/Spartans all had spies in NT and we still came out on top using their own spies agains them. we didnt cry nor did we use tactics like msg the whole server! but im not a push over ill not allow them to just MM the whole server with lies just cause he can do that, so everyone got a reply to that few moments after Zathio's MM to server. I was in a Room in skype with NZ and Zathio they were good friends then, as they told me we had no chance, and i told them Grand Alliance will be no more and you see who delivered. now its all games to survive by them. Zathio then brought Rancho Relaxo and the simmers to Nicaea to fight with them, RR founder humbug told me they were not with Spartans then, so we agreed on a NAP, every time we had ops i see their DBPs jump up and their guys get upto 33k in DBPs agains us? you guys call that dirty or not? lol and ill not stand RR supporting spartans against L&D or any or our allies. so i would like to hear from him the dirty tactics used by NT that i havent hard of yet?
My Regards goes out to zathio and his family for the death in family. this is a game and RL is something much much more important.
Best wishes to you from NT mate.

3) Why do you think you have enjoyed such enormous success in the rankings and against TGO recently?

Simple answer, we are more organized. it was a planned operation. TGO was never balanced alliance they just knew how to attack and not even organized attacks, just hammering away thinking that would get them somewhere. they didnt know how to defend agains NT's organized attacks, Our spec. ops team targeted their top/active guys and took them out, leaving TGO Lifeless!

4) How do you plan to win the war with the Spartans and Romans?

The War south agains Spartans and Romans, well Spartans should be fun, time will tell how soon they will fall..

5) New Toon South fell apart recently; why was this, and how have you attempted to resolve the issue?

NTS didnt fall apart at all, east, west, and south was planned. for Romans east and Romans in south. as Romans are no more our plans changed. Armageddon and NT are still one!

6) Any plans for later on in the game?
Plan is to win :) but also have the maximum amount of fun wile doing soo with our allies and friends.
We LOVE Sim City
1) Why did you elect to leave the Toons?

Hehe.. Start with an easy one why don't you? I got a bit fed up when hitting low morale targets and getting little or no help. I think targets like that should be hit by smaller players with better morale but that didn't happen and it seemed to me that peeps thought I'd happily take losses 3x worse than if I'd had 100% morale. Well I wasn't. It simply isn't sustainable even to a big player so I threw my toys out, left and started WLSC as a bit of a protest really. Me and the Toon peeps are still mates though that was just a spat. I'd have probably rejoined when we made up but I am having a fun time doing what I am now so WLSC is here to stay for a while yet.. lol..

2) How successful has We LOVE Sim City been so far as an anti-simming alliance?

Hmmm.. I'd like to say very successful but I'd be telling fibs.. lol.. WLSC has taken about 3 cities from those disgusting simmers and put the fear of God into those Army of Zeus noobs (who soiled themselves and disbanded)but then everyone started ghosting and passing up on 10 - 13k ghosts would have been a mistake. Taking some was just too tempting so I filled my boots! Since NZ joined he's done the same. Why not? If we don't take them some other peep will and because we've taken a few ghosts we now have coverage in a couple more oceans so simmers beware. Our reach is longer, we will be analysing your stats and knocking on your door soon.

3) How do you see the current conflicts of Nicaea panning out?

It's hard to see past the Toons and their coalition. TGO and Romans are all over the place and are doing great turtle impressions. Spartans have nicked a few decent Romans and are probably looking the strongest out of that lot but you can only turtle for so long. Granted defending will get you more BP's when behind a decent wall but sooner or later they will lose their cities and will be in a position where they have plenty of slots but will only have 2 choices: Attack and try to win cities or found new colonies, let’s face it when you are red against the likes of Toons, L+D and co + the Frats, and trying to fight from small cities you've just founded it's gonna be an even harder task. when I say harder I mean impossible. In their shoes I think attacking now is the best option as they are a decent outfit when they put the effort in. Ultimately I think they have too much against them and that is why I say Toons and co will be triumphant.

4) Are there any smaller alliances you feel could rise up the rankings?

I think we are seeing a pretty true reflection as it is, there are some great smaller alliances in Nicaea but unless a few of the big ones implode I can't really see where the growth will come from. Yes it is a possibility and if one or two big alliances did crumble some of the smaller alliances would profit. But it's a big IF..

5) Who is the next target for you and NZ at WLSC?

Easy question.. Simmers and anyone who is dumb enough to attack us.. lol..
The Grand Order
1) What happened recently with Old Republic and TGO?

OR-TGO, thats a long story, to try said it short NT+Tgo was fighting OR than can’t manage both side War , and NT founder Im Blaze and Tgo Founder NZ God proposed me both to merge to attack the other. For me was strange proposal , because 2 alliances were pacted, and both attacked my ally and give the me the only way out to merge to attack the other pact, both of which are not so amazing ways out. I made my players choose: fight up the last or merge one or other, they decide to merge, but I was ready to stay and fight to the last city if given this order. I agree about merge, because i haven't enough time online to help the ally how a real leader need. and for most i stay out of the merge. Same players merge in NT (EdmundsB and others..
after few weeks everyone was almost merged in Tgo , only 5 players , remained with me because they was not interested in winning the server, just wanted to stay "with friends". I was Vm and they call me back, NZ God and Knosos2 were banned and were the only 2 with founders rights, a leader of tgo (i not remember name now) reset the rights of leaders of others and joined NT. So on TGO remained only players, without even the rights to manage the forum. I came back from Vm and tried helped them build back the ally. Some players who were nervous with NZ God because of his banned time and double account, divided and created Resistance to fight up last city.
Resistance decide to stop resist NT, make pact (to not be attacked) and start attack the old ally friends Tgo
NZ God after couldn’t be more online and after 2-3 days of attacks from NT decided to joined them, and leave the ally he created. Also he sent a pm to each original Tgo players to join NT if they want the attacks to them stops.

2) You have lost a lot of cities to the Toons recently; why is this and how do you intend to stop it?

the city we lost unfortunatly was almost all of inactive (red players ) not online and we have not slots to take all this cityes this can stop only when all , not really active players will left. you see tgo-tgo2 like 70 players ally, but the active ones are less than 20.

3) Why did you decide to work with Romans and Spartans?

was long time ago, romans helped us at start of server spartans was pacted from the start with Tgo. Now in this server remain only who is "on service" of NT and who not, so it is normal than who not accept to be pacted or part of NT , to "sim " without attacks support each other.

4) How do you intend to win the war against Toons?


5) TGO seem currently to have a small inactivity problem; how will this be resolved?

small inactive ?
thanks for be such poilte!
i open my ally page now for you:
42 members: 7 red - 6 blue and this from 4 weeks..

6) What plans do TGO have for the future?

plans: ally will be soon change a lot, even name Tgo have not many reason to be now, most of players original TGO left.
To be added soon.
1) Why did the old Athens Calling alliance choose to be part of the Roman empire?

As we have always thought about the future of the alliance - it was obvious that with the time the inactivity issue will get a lot of our members out, so we have always had in minds the merge with the other guild. At first we created our side academy (Doomed Saints) - but the attempt has failed - not enough new members, wanting to stay active and learn the game at our little rim, though we were willing to teach them and make them in the hunters. We have had two options to pick from: to choose from the roman empire or the fraternity as allies (and for the merger later on) - everyone else was too far away to pact and create the strong relationships. But we have not trusted in the fraternity, as from the very begging of the game we had a spy from them. For the pacts to work out it is essential to have the trust, so the choice was easy to make, and we have never regretted the choice.

2) You've struggled against L&D and the old frat pack before they merged; why do you think they were beating you?

Would like to correct the beating part, as it implies that we gave up on resisting (which is not true at all) - we are fighting and we will not surrender under the oppression. On the question: we have not been attacked seriously in the first quarter of the game at all, and we are still adjusting the defense system to work for us, it does not mean that we are going to turtle and forget about attacking. And every lost city we give with a fight.

3) How do you intend to win the war against L&D?

We will keep on doing the things exactly like we do right now: standing still, fighting strong, staying united, but we will definitely look to improve the organization in our guild and slowly we will overcome what is ahead of us.

4) What is the biggest challenge facing Romans*Byzantine currently?

INACTIVITY! Arrgh! I blame the inno games for that and for them opening tones of the new servers every month. It would be fun, if the players stayed longer and restarted the server in stead of going and joining the newly opened ones

5) Where are you looking to expand?

Initially we wanted to conquer the o64 and jump to the core from there, but the plans has changed and at the time being... We are going to expand in the nest of evil (Will leave to your imagination where it is) :)

6) Why did you change your name to XStream?

Yes, of course :) And, no, i do not wait for you to write so much about our name on the actual thing, just explaining the things.

Basically this guild was established by the new player - Weegreg, and the name "Athens Calling" was meant to represent the Democratic relationships, that we were supposed to have. When the current leadership came to the lead after some time, we felt that it would be wrong to change the name to anything new and original, due to not wanting to forget the origins of ours (as being the new player, Weegreg still managed to unite all the great players under one banner) + not having any other names in mind. So we stayed as the proud Athenians.

However, when the status of ours and romans started to change (the talks about merging and having the one direction for all three romans guilds) - we felt it was essential to re-name ourselves and to show all the players that we are the one alliance with romans and shall support equally each other, irrelevant to the origins of the other player. But the name was taken from another guild - which was still fine with us, as it has served its purpose well.
But now, after the merger did take the place, we just felt that the name is standing out of its place too much and does not show who we are, as we are no more the Athens Calling neither we are the Romans... So the name change was essential to show our members where we are at the point.
And by the way, The meaning of the name :
Stream n. A steady current
From the history of our guild - we are the steady guild, and we have never sky-rocketed with the results, but at the same time, we do not down-grade and we keep on the steady and perhaps slow expansion. We search for the ways of overcoming the obstacles when they come; and we never give up before the obstacles before us. Also as you know, the rivers can destroy the solid objects, like mountains, all we need is some time and it will be doe naturally.
X standing for Extreme, Exceptional, Extraordinary, Excellent
Describing the extent of our abilities, and that we stand still and fight to our best abilities and to the last warrior still alive. And that we all are ready to take the risks and send that one last survived warrior to our friends in need.


Top Alliances

__________Capture map of different alliances.PNG
Green-New Toon and academies
Yellow -*LOVE and DEATH* and family
Red-Spartan Empire Hippeus and academy
Light Blue-XStream
Dark Blue-The Grand Order and academy
Purple-Centauri Brotherhood
Light Brown-Rancho Relaxo and academy
Dark Brown-Resistance
Major War

__________Capture map of two sides.PNG
Yellow-Toons, L&D & Resistance
Red-TGO, Spartans, CB, XStream & Rancho Relaxo

Major Alliances Review​
The Toons are lording over the rest of the world on their throne at the top, and are battering The Grand Order, as well as having taken the lead against the Spartans. The main alliance alone has taken 128 cities in the past 28 days, and they are growing at an incredible rate. The leadership looks pretty stable and they are working well with *LOVE and DEATH* against their enemies. They control one core ocean (54), and are quickly moving into ocean 44, trying to push TGO out of the core. They are top in abp and total bp and look pretty unassailable at the top. Having said that the Renato25 saga highlighted potential internal issue that could stop the Toons in their tracks. In addition, having so many academies may lead to lack of expansion opportunities and one ex-Toon member recently revealed a discontent at being made to attack low-morale targets. Could the Toons implode in the same way TGO did? That seems to be the only thing that could stop them right now.
L&D and Family
*LOVE and DEATH* are working well together along with their sister alliances *PHILOSOPHER WARRIORS* and *Acheron*, and winning both wars against XStream and Spartans in conquest count. They are ranked number two on points and number three in abp, both of which are very impressive given their position on the rim of the world. Will they try and jump into the core? That’s the next question, as they have swept most of the opposition away in ocean 56. The war with Spartans has been going on for quite a while now, but they haven’t really made a major breakthrough yet, and the scores remain close. They enjoyed a very quick start in their war against Romans but have slowed down recently, and lost their first four cities last weekend in that particular war. Their pact with Toons seems to be working well but they are quite far away so it will be of limited use in the long-run. In addition, before their merge with TFP they were struggling with inactivity, which could be an issue later on. Having said that, the leadership is very solid and they are a powerful alliance.

Spartans are one Nicaea’s oldest alliances, and have been around since the opening weeks of the world. They have proven leadership and have done an excellent job to survive so long in the core. They are losing both wars against L&D and Toons in conquest count, although they are close in both and have juggled the two wars extremely well. They have some very good players, and are a closely knit group with a good core in ocean 45. Their relationship with Rancho Relaxo is very close, and together they are doing a good job. They have lots of active members and the recent merge with Romans has catapulted them up the rankings to nine million points. They are only fifth in abp which could definitely be improved given their size, although that has increased a lot recently. In addition, they have dominance of two core oceans (45 and 55) and the only real question is their ability to survive the pounding they have so far resisted coming from the two largest alliances.
Firstly, just for clarification, XStream is the old Romans*Byzantine alliance, which recently changed name. For more details on this check out the interview with Luckydream. XStream struggled in their wars with TFP and L&D, and still way behind L&D in conquest count, although have improved recently. They are ranked fourth in abp, which I am very impressed with given their position on the rim, initially in ocean 75, and also now 65. They are great attackers and strong all round fighters and I think after their initial stutter, they will make it much tougher for L&D in future. They continue taking cities in ocean 64, although I have been told that their expansion target has changed. They conquer a lot of cities; more in the last month than L&D or Spartans, although they do seem to have a problem with inactivity. Their leadership is proven to be solid and I expect them to continue expanding in the coming weeks.

The Grand Order
The Grand Order are dying away. In the last month the two alliances combined lost 167 cities to various others (including internals), and it looks as though they are experiencing an inactives issue. Currently the Toons are steamrollering them, and if they do not come up with a response pretty soon, I cannot see them lasting much longer. What are the main reasons for this? A combination of things including inactivity, and cities being to spread out, and so difficult to defend. Their abp rankings is very high but most of their abp came from before their problems began, when NZ God’s alliance dominated the world. Many of their top players joined either the Toons or Resistance, leaving them predominantly with simmers and ex-Old Republic players. Fuccechio has said that the alliance will change soon; it has to or it will sink under pressure from the Toons.

Readers Lottery

Welcome to the readers lottery section of the paper. This is the bit where you pick a random number between 1-15 and using a random number generator, I will determine the winner. Post your numbers below. :cool:
A plus rep from the one and only ME!
Sorry guys, I couldn't think of a better prize that everyone could receive.

Alliance Obituary
Recent alliances only!
Romans*The Centurions-Disbanded and merged into Spartans
The Frat Pack-Disbanded and merged into L&D
New Toon South-Disbanded after Renato25 incident; now mainly Armeggedon​

Thank you everyone who read this and remember that a lot of it is my personal opinion. Plus reps are very much appreciated.
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Forgot to add: Sorry guys but this is a one-off edition. I don't have the time to make more of these.

Would have had L&D interview but sadly do not, owing to some unforeseen circumstances. Hopefully I will get L&D, Spartans and Resistance.


TAIKOU, man awesome job here bro :) got to see the different angles, Nicaea in the eyes of our enemy :) feels good :D


Great work as always Tai.. Interesting to hear the views of all the main alliances (bar L+D) but I'm sure Dan will have something to say, knowing him it'll make me chuckle..

That brir fella is full of **** though..:D


A reminder to you all to leave the lottery numbers.
So far Ki-Borg has won by default.

Thanks for the nice feedback, its good to see a few new posters in Nicaea as well.


Sod it.. for the lottery I pick number 1.. The amount of days my ban lasted. Punishment for insulting a fellow who has a bad habit of PM'ing peeps with insults and can't hack it when he gets some back. :(

By the way he is WLSC's next target.. (SW)

Say goodbye to Nicaea cry baby. :eek: (can't mention who it is as I'd get another ban).