No Open CQ Worlds


Jesus your forum responses are more lack luster than your in game responses. Tell ya what. Let’s make it easy. If I come back I’ll tell ya what ocean I land in or send ya a link. Let’s see how it goes.
nah man, i got to live a life now. my time on this mobile game has come to an end


I guess more people plays slow than fast conq worlds...

Just not true.

Anyway. Regardless of if people prefer slow, or fast, etc. Inno have up big time by not ensuring there’s a consistent supply of one of their main products to the market.

There’s the revolt and conquest product (with sub types like speed and game mode which are less of a defining feature that the actual CQ method) and atm they’re only providing one.

Even the fast speed players would be dropping on a speed 2/3 if it opened tomorrow, just because they have nothing else as an option bar “not playing” which frankly is the worst possible situation for Inno.

The longer they delay, the more people will move closer to the blessed state of enlightenment that is no longer playing this schite game and joining me in retirement.
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I have played slow/fast Conq worlds and slow/fast Revolt worlds... Tho from them all i prefer only1 type of world - Fast Conq World!
And i agree at this point even 2-3speed world would be good enough for most who prefer or play only fast conq worlds! :D

Tho i have a feeling that next world will be slow one.
I feel like most of the people mentally ill enough to enjoy conquest want it to be fast

King of North

Guys the inno always do things what they want .. not what community want
most of those who upgrade this game don't even know how the game works, because the newer the update / improvement, the more crap

I've been playing this game for a long time and the further it goes, the more it goes to sh:t