Top 12 Nod's month 1 power rankings, NOT successful teams, and "STOP IT"

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Alright well after several requests, seeing how boring this forum has gotten, and finally getting a moment to breathe in life here are the power rankings after month one. Along with some extra stuff to try to spice things up for you guys.

Power Rankings

1. Lacking Diplomacy- 1st in ABP, 1st in over all bp, have conquered the most cities as a team, and aren't an MRA. With results like that its hard to not be a little cocky and give us a first seed this month.

2. Exiled Renegades- With a conquest to their name, a decent set of members, and the second rank in ABP this team is a team to be reckoned with. My advice don't mess with the second seed unless you're prepared to take a few beatings and can give some beatings back.

3. Aurora- Okay so no shockers here 3rd in ABP and also having a decent set of members they are good enough to be 3rd in the world. Only concerns are one chunk of members in the middle of 3 major alliances. Then a totally different chunk in a different ocean. That topped with no conquests despite having 4 members who should be ready and we could see a few drawbacks. But they're still very good and a force to be feared.

4. Empire of Death- Nobody terribly impressive on the team in terms of score, but they have put up some serious numbers for such a small team with 4th in ABP for only 35 members. It should come as no surprise that they are highly ranked this month.

5. Hellfire- Certainly not the best team out there and ranks 8th in offense and 9th in defense. But they show more of an in your face attitude and try to fight off some pretty good guys. Which is a lot more than I can say for most of the world so needless to say they should rank 5th. Hope for you yet Hellfire.

6. Horde- 11th in offense with 35 members will often get you a semi decent ranking in my book. Though not terribly explosive they've shown they are still doing more with less. Take some note's MRA's

7. Slightly Mean- 9th in offense and kind of MRAish, but it could be a lot worse in this world and they are sending a message by keeping a decent ABP.

8. DELOS IMPERIUM- Despite the annoying caps they haven't done or said anything stupid. And keep a decent set of rankings good enough for an 8th seed.

9. Myrmidons- Well we can't leave Myrmidon's out of the rankings they have the 4th ABP rank. The 2nd ranked defense. And have 2 conquest capable players. Even though one failed miserably at conquering our new player then got his city cleared by that same player. They could be a lot worse in the game so we'll give them a little credit and say they're for the moment the 9th best team in the world.

10. Wolfpack- Sure you have 321 members but out of all that some of them have to be good right? I believe they conquered once and founded once. And have the 6th rank in ABP. Good enough to at least be.

11. Shadow Legion- A 35 man up and coming team that already captured the 19th ABP rank. That's very notable in my book and this team could go places if it plays hard.

12. The Alliance - Why? Still more relevant than Maelstrom that's why. 16th in ABP with just three people....Yeah that's really happening. THREE people are doing what some 100 man alliances can't...Think about that one MRAers.

NOT successful teams

Myrmidons- Don't let the power rankings fool you just because they're the best teams I can find doesn't always mean they're good teams. It's like the Michigan Wolverines football team sure they're ranked early on but then they blow a few big games and its gone. Myrmidon's is the perfect example of this. Worldly they have impressive stats. Competition wise they aren't giving us much. One failed conquest and a bunch of failed attacks to clear one member on their leader's island doesn't amount to much. Myrmidon's really only can hope to survive by recruiting and recruiting far away. Basically by name alone.

Maelstrom- Lost leaders if found please return to ocean 55 Maelstrom alliance. In the mean time you can get a founders job at Maelstrom by searching the men seeking men section of craigslist. In other news 180 cows are currently ready to be sent to the slaughter house on the corner of Lacking and Diplomacy.

Wolfpack- Having such a low bp ranking for such a high member count is pretty pathetic and won't get you a win in this world.


Wolfpack- Is Grepolis a popularity contest now? 321 members does nothing but target you guys. STOP IT

Aurora- Having a list of my online times would be effective but considering that list is very inaccurate I can't say you'll be catching me off guard a lot. You guys clearly are lacking off. STOP IT (;

Myrmidons- If you all are celebrating clearing some militia out of Illyrian's city how crazy would it be if you actually conquered one of us? STOP IT

Myrmidons- Letting Penguin run his mouth and be the face of your alliance. STOP IT

Maelstrom- Aimlessly running around like a chicken with it's head cut off isn't going to win you a single fight. STOP IT

Maelstrom, Myrmidons, Wolfpack, and pretty much the most of Delos- Being an MRA and recruiting everyone in your sights we get it you can get 500 members. It doesn't mean you should though. STOP IT.


Myrmidons celebration when they clear militia:

Myrmidons when they actually do something right:

Hope this gave you all something to talk about. :)
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I was just about to nod off (pun intended) when I saw this .. decided to give it a look ... not bad


nicely done nod. Liked the addition of the "Stop It" section


Nice thread nodcrush..Love the "STOP IT" part..:)
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Heh, a week ago I would have laughed at Hellfire #5. The last day has shown me that while they don't have our coordination, they do at least support their players fairly quickly. Not enough to last but will probably be here for month 2 :p

Now to go have a gander at The Alliance...


Well put and well worded Nod, you have hit the nail on the head with them rankings.


i'm so famous :cool:. I would say Myrmidons are slightly better than DELOS IMPERIUM. of course we will die before them but if they were hit with the same threat as us i think they would fall faster than us. Aurora good for u get the better of nodcrush. but all in all living it up good job.


They can get the better of me all they want after all i'm really nobody important when it comes down to it. ^.^


Awesome post! I'd like to request a "C'MON MAN!" segment to go with the Stop It next time :p


ya then we can go C'MON MAN to nodcrush.

C'MON MAN you are the leader of LD and you're wasting your time here.


I thought of something to post,but then I thought better not too.


I loved it. It was a gr8 read and had nicely placed humor thru it. :). Nice one bro.


I want to see some war soon. Let see who dominate the core and whose bottom feeder. However, I just gonna sit on the side line watch the show and let you guys slaughter each other :pro: