Milestones Nomination thread


Hi guys!

As I'm hosting the milestones, I also added a few. 4 of the (new) milestones are:
- Alliance nominated as being the best alliance in the history of Sestos.
- Alliance nominated as having the best pre-made.
- Alliance chosen as being the worst alliance in the history of Sestos.
- Alliance chosen as having the worst pre-made.
To fill in the names of these alliances I'll need people to vote on it. That's why I created this thread. Everyone is allowed to nominate an alliance, and later on the 5 alliances that were nominated the most, will end up in a voting thread. You are allowed to nominate 2 alliances for one milestone, unless the alliances aren't the same. Also you aren't allowed to nominate more than one time. You are allowed, though, to nominate your own alliance.

Good luck everybody!

Alliances nominated:
- best alliance:
- best pre-made:
- worst alliance:
- worst pre-made


Well... As no one is responding I'll do this myself... Not fair, of course, hehe :cool:
Best alliance: Liquid Propinquity
Best pre-made: Honour and Power
Worst alliance: Star
Worst pre-made:


That's my opinion, and it has nothing to do that I'm a HaP member :D

Alliances nominated:
- best alliance: Honour and Power -#1 ABP, #1 DBP, #1 Alliance Rank so far-
- best pre-made: Honour and Power again -The ally with the best thread on sestos alliances sub forum-
- worst alliance: Star -They were wiped out by HaP. Of course a few great players were there-
- worst pre-made: Wrath of the Gods -Come on Elrond.Lord! "I made one professional alliance in O 76, it is called Wrath of the Gods... If you are near, you can join..." with this post I'm wondering who would like to join :/