Pnp Noobs of the Day - Myself and Palehorse24 - BN Struggling with Rank 32 Alliance?


I was getting bored in this server, originally I was here to gold farm but then I decided it was too boring and I decided that I needed some attention. So then, why not attack the no.1 alliance in this server?

So long story short, I landed a CS on Palehorse24 with the help of my mighty alliance: "Flame Aim"(ranked 32 on this server).

Here is when I made a noob move, I thought RB was potentially an enemy of BN, so I decided to mm their entire alliance to ask for support, but in fact they were then came the attacks....

The siege was going to be broken no doubt about it, but it was a shame that the people attacking the siege had horrible morale on me :)

Anyhow, 2 of the biggest alliances in the server had to team order to break a siege by a rank 32 alliance :)

Kill Reports










Flame Aim Kills: 18,697 pop killed

RB/BN Kills: 11,354 pop killed
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RB and BN are the same alliance. No body had to team up to break your siege. Just like LC and LF are the same alliance. Your and your "mighty" alliance are just out of the loop, bud.


Look LOL. Palenrose is original member of Red Backs. He spent all server with them.
What do you expect. That his own alliance will not defend him? BN was not even informed about this siege.

With RB we had a territorical line for like 4 months.
they do not go to our oceans, we do not touch theirs. I do not see anything to be ashamed here of.


BN and RB is nothing like LC/LF. We declared our connection as a territorial NAP for the bigger part of the server, never shared the whole forum, never had common leadership. I do not get this paranoid reaction. And i do not see this low morale siege worth externals. You managed to land a low morale cs - great. They managed to break - great. I do not see Why this is worth attention.

And Palenhorse we still consider and respect as a member or Red Backs in the first place.


Yes RB and BN are nothing like LC and LF. And you are saying what I couldn't find the words to say. Why was this written about in the externals? wasn't an attention worthy event. This is just the game and how it happens.


Such animosity, swordsman :p I love how our adversaries like to demonize BN. Oh, how I wish we could have a civil line of discourse.

P.S. Congrats on your low-morale siege: great BP. Too bad you didn't conquer the city, which is the point of the game. Lol