Not Simming


Not Simming

Feeling lost in an alliance ? Tired of constantly fighting for little to no gain ? Thinking of quitting this world but don’t want to let go of all the time spent on building those city slots ? Then "Not simming" is an alliance for you.

"Not simming" is a friendly alliance based in ocean 10 that is looking for new recruits. What are we doing ? Just simming of course, as it is the best way to play this game these days. Thinking like you might get bored ? Think not ! We have an active disord chat room for pastime and daily BP ventures so we all can grow together.

Requirements : Be willing to move to ocean 10 and you are welcome.

Contact us in game.


It unlocks if i join the simmers ally.. you want quick WW that only we can do ?
we need some of this bacon magic