Ntd - new toon dragons


of you bas**** or i will personally get a person that does not want to be shown up
Big talk Noob.. Listen you fool, I came from 044 to your ocean to kick your posterior because you have a big mouth.. :Angry:

I have a small city in YOUR ocean now which I'm building up purely for that purpose. :eek:

If you noobs had anything about you whatsoever you'd have attacked me non stop.. But you haven't, you've let me build (Oh and sent me an invite to your pathetic alliance) and that is gonna cost you. :rolleyes:

I can't send a CS from any other city as you are too far, I can't do it from Zeus Noobs UR Dead yet but I'll be able to very soon. (Res)

So as you are clueless noobs allow me to give you a tip:


Because when I do you are all DEAD.. (SW)
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ARMY OF ZEUS-why are u claiming to recruit from ocean 62, it doesn't exist there are no cities there...

Gladiator s and j

listen you stupid noob stop calling me a noob and look where you are in the rankings 2 below me so stop calling me a noob and focus on your life and my alliance is one of the 100 best alliances and you are not that good now why dont you try to attack me then

Brir I will gladly help with clearing this guys alliance xD - Not that you'll need it. I am just a guy looking for some juicy ABP :/


He's not that brave Lemm.. (SW)

Neither him or any of his alliance have attacked my tiny city in their ocean even though I've told them straight that when it's up to scratch I'll be using it to kick their backsides.. :rolleyes:


Brir, they are a waste of your time. LOLOLOL
Yeah, you are right Dan.. But when someone calls you a liar then calls you out in public it's only right you stomp them into the dirt.. (SW)

They should change their alliance name to 'Brir's farm doormats' :D

Because that is their role in this game. :pro:
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