OC46 Neighbors : Expansion & You


This is to my potentially wonderful neighbors sharing the same island as me. You've all likely noticed your farms reaching Level 2 - well, this is mostly due to my own personal efforts. It didn't occur to me until today that I was the sole contributor to these farming expansions, so let me briefly introduce you to how expansions work and why it would be great if y'all helped out, since it helps us all mutually, if our farms were higher level :p

From the official wiki which can be found here : http://wiki.en.grepolis.com/wiki/Farming#Expansion

"To expand the farming village, you'll need to contribute a certain amount of resources to it. However, the farming village expansion level is the same for every member on your island, meaning that you can work with others on your island to upgrade and expand your farming villages. You can contribute your resources via the farming village's expansion tab. " ;)

Starting out, you'll always find that you have more of a certain resource type than you need - rather than letting it go to waste, why not contribute it towards expanding the farm villa on our island? :)

*** While this is just a specific post towards my current island mates, the idea of expansion is something everyone in World Byz can participate in - so don't feel left out *** :pro: