Ocean 34 Alliance, Lapithos.


Hi all,:)

As the name of the thread suggests I am in ocean 34 and I am enquiring about alliances with influence there. I am a former player of Grepolis and have some experience in the game, just cant remember much lol it's been a while. I had three cities my base camp, one I colonised and one I conquered. I was part of a fairly high ranked alliance that was almost at the top but we merged with other alliances and took them over so much and went from training academy to training academy so I really wouldnt be able to give you a good refence lol. I do remember at one stage Poseidon being in the name though so thats something, right? =):D:D

Anyway I would be very happy if I could get an invite to an alliance to an alliance in 34, preferably one with players who are having serious fun if you know what I mean. I like those alliances with lots of detail in there names and have a good story, makes the game more fun. Actually, I would love it if an alliance academy would take me on it would give me direction in the game, I like having goals I have to achieve.:p


P>S> I cant remember the world I played on but I think my name was KindDrifter..if anyone recognises that name..:heh::heh:


Trust me, mate, you don't want to join an alliance that already has an academy :p


Hi Chunkierpit I am Riddles and Rhymes
I hope I don't need to tell you that too many times
I am playing in ocean 34 just like you
And I am looking for an alliance too
I don't see any promising alliances there
But honestly, I do not really care
My doors are always open if you need some advise
Enjoy playing Grepo and I hope your rank will soon rise!


If there is no good alliances there find a group of highly active players around you. Talk to them, and come to an agreement to work together. You can find a team of players like this without being in an alliance. That makes a better group then most alliances will.