Ocean 36


Hello all,

I recently have started up my second world (tech. 3rd) in Mochlos and this time around me and a buddy decided to start up an alliance together. My goal of this thread is to get any players who need a place to go or an alliance to join. You don't even have to be in Ocean 36 but that is where the core players are at this time.

The name of the alliance is 'The Enforcers' so just look us up! This is a no-nonse alliance, built with the purpose of winning and getting a dedicated core group together. Right now recruitment is open to anyone who wants to join but as time goes by this will become an alliance with strict recruitment rules and players who are online daily. By looking up the alliance you can read more about it (any fans of the movie Goon will appreciate the picture).

And maybe you are wondering who I am? Good question, my name is BL and I've been playing grep for around 2 years but about 6 months seriously. Currently active in Cynthera and am getting up there in the rankings .

Anyways, go join us and let's rule O36 and expand the empire!

Thank you!
Big Lipper