Ocean 41


Comment on the loss on a dozen of U.C.S. cities.
flying badgers has destroyed U.C.S in O41. We took them a dozen of cities. They offered no resistance.
U.C.S. Is Alliance of losers.
After we took them five cities. their leader Thrillology was even sent me pictures of white flags, praying for peace.
very funny and pathetic leader/alliance.
To make matters even funnier they were first attacked us.


The Flying Badgers backstabbed U.C.S.
The Flying Badgers butchered players with 1,000-1,800 point cities with one city having 3,000 points.

KonjakMaster sent a message saying "[insert f word] u".
Very funny to see their alliance brag that they defeated new players who started training and had 1,000-1,800 point cities.

You guys attacked first. Casting earthquake on my cities that were under attack at the time and telling me to [insert f word] off was very rude, and then when you guys conquered a city claiming you never did? So much lies, so much deception. Then you recently betrayed The Argonauts, how cute. If I was up there, you would've been blitzrimmed out of Upsilon.
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