Ocean 66 Santa Claus

Aeryn Lox

He sees you when you're sleeping,
He knows when you're awake,
He knows if you've been bad or good
so be good for goodness sake!

Santa Claus is coming to town...

Pacts: This is a war game. Pacts that limit the amount of war will not be formed. Pacts that benefit both parties will be considered but are still unlikely.

Recruitment: You must be on the "Nice" list to be accepted. To get on the "Nice" list, you must...

* Be active. Be online at least once per day. Inactive players will be internalized and kicked.
* Have proof of experience. Your GrepoStats page will be consulted.
* Play well with others. Support your allies and respect your enemies.
* Be located in O66.

If you are just joining the world, here is a link but be warned that this not a guarantee of acceptance.


Aeryn Lox

Thank you. People have alliances with names like "Nightmare," but really, who wasn't afraid of Santa Claus as a child? Much scarier.

I am Heisenberg

The names good. I have respect for alliances with a bit of humour.


it might be so good that i could consider joining... as long as you make me a founder at the instant so i can dissolve the alliance... ya im cruel to innocent people too. :)