Ocean Owners

Leonidas Agiad

Heres a diagram showing the top 3 alliances in each ocean, by number of cities, the list to the left shows number of cities for each of the top 3 alliances as a bar-chart, sorted by the strength of the top alliances in each ocean. The map is just for reference to show main alliance ocean locations:

MOS and co. have a strong grip of 2 oceans, then TDK, DOOM, and TDK again.
From there on, the leading alliance in each ocean has a less tight a grip (400 cities or less), and they're more contested (ie. the 2nd alliance often has a reasonable presence).

In terms of World Wonders, I'd suggest that gives MOS a good chance of securing 2 Wonders, but if TDK go for it, they'll be in close contention and it could be a very long haul for any alliance to secure 4 Wonders.

Play For Keeps actually have as many ocean "1st places" as MOS, but in less heavily populated oceans, but their territory overlaps ocean boundaries so doesn't rank so well when looking ocean-by-ocean.

And who knows what will yet happen in the South as a whole, theres potential for an attractive Wonder building territory down there.

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By the end of the server DOOM may have joined PfK weather in a new alliance or what not is unknown. If that's the case that area would be great for building wonders. The rim is generally better for building wonders as you have the protection of the empty oceans next to you and only have defend from one front instead of everyone collapsing on you. Which also comes back to why wonders are such a flawed system for finding a "winner", but that is a completely different discussion.

Anyway nice map and cool break down mate, plus rep for you as I am sure it took a decent amount of time to make this.

Edit: have to spread some rep, will get some back to you later if I remember.