Milestones of Heraklion.

Corinthian II

Hi folks, sorry for the delays with updating.. had some things to deal with so haven't been on for a week.. will start updating the first post now, thanks to everyone who posted screenshots!


Can anyone confirm who was first to arrive at the ABP milestone? I've put Caesareth in for now, as he's the current highest..

Can anyone also confirm who was the third alliance to hit average points of 500 and 1000, with the required membership?
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Just to point out. Caesareth conquered a 1200 point player. I believe the milestone calls for conquering a player with 2000+

Corinthian II

Need someone to take over updating this.

Having joined Ithaca, I've decided to delete my Heraklion account. As a result, someone else will need to take over the updating of this thread.