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Ok guys, clearly we have gotten off to a very bad start here. As a mod who has only been here for about 1 week I have tried being extremely lenient with some of the issues that have popped up since I have started modding this forum.

I understand that you have not had a moderator for a long time and during that time you were given a much looser rope than any other modded thread would normally have. It is easy to get used to having to live life without rules, adapting and changing back to following rules however is not as simple.

If some of you believe that it is easier for me to allow you to keep ignoring the forum rules and that by doing so because "nobody is upset" is making my job any easier it does not. My job as a forum moderator is to ensure all these forum rules are upheld in the Epsilon forums. Meaning that the only way my job becomes easier is if you all follow these rules.

I do not mind the occasional posts that may appear it is expected and after a long time of "freedom from the rules" I will not forcefully shove the spoon down your throats, but to find threads that started off as a farewell thread turn into a Playstation discussion is highly unacceptable.

Whether you believe me to be a power abuser or not is debatable, and I certainly will not mind private messages to take up any issues you all may have with the way I moderate this forum. However if you feel I am really doing a poor job of ensuring the rules are met in the forum feel free to take it up with Ac04. What I will not have is people discussing how I am doing my job on the forum itself. I do not want to be the grinch of epsilon however if that is what is needed I am highly adaptable and will become the grinch if needed.

Thanks for your cooperation and I hope we can have a fresh start.

Your loving moderation
Not open for further replies.