Announcement Olynthus- End of this Chapter


Hello Olynthus Players,

Firstly, we wanted to thank you for your time spent on Olynthus. We would like to congratulate TOTL * NORDIC * WAR PIGS on winning the world. This forum will be closed in 14 days, but the posts will remain. You may discuss some of the events that helped to shape Olynthus below. To everyone who saw it through to the end, thank you.

Thank you,
Your Grepolis Team

Silver Witch

I would like to say farewell to Olynthus. It was a great world and we all had a lot of fun. There are a couple of poems i would like to share from that world. Firstly this one - issued as a new year 2016 challenge to Doodchan and Nordic Warriors.

Come closer Nordic Warriors,
Fight us for your crown,
And find a way ere close of play,
To knock My Temple down.
My Horsemen will defend it,
Or kill you where you land,
Most likely, after everything,
My temple will still stand.

Your General may be clever,
Your Wizard may be strong,
You have your witch and Sweetie,
But your tts are still long.
Your troop strength is improving
Your timing skills are too
And all these things together
Will maybe see you through.

But I have Crimson allies,
A ring of LS round,
Nex and Gogh and Snibor,
Ranga at my right hand.
My Horsemen stand together
To keep you from that crown,
I trust no way, on any day
To knock My Temple down.

Good Luck!


Silver Witch

At the end we all shared a final tab - most of the world that was left and this one was part of that farewell.

To friends and foes alike, farewell
The time has come to part
So just some highlights of our time
In this world, since the start

My 74 gang started late
Noobs on the rim we were
But learnt and merged and merged again
with Horsemen, Death and Crimson men
To end up where we are.

We built our Temple early on
TOTL then won with four
We spread across the world to fight
TOTL and then the Nordic Might
Success, we built one more.

But Nordic built their wonders too
Fought wolves and swans and Fluff
Grew strong and skilled
Destroyed and killed
And finally came for us

We did our best
You know the rest
A victory and a crown
Well done to all the warriors here
My temple has crashed down