Omega Strife: The Fan Club


During my wanderings through the Juktas alliance rankings, I came across one named after me!

That's right, in Ocean 54 there is an alliance named Omega Strife. I don't know if it was named after me intentionally or by coincidence, but I am declaring it my official fan club until further notice! But you see, this group is one man right now, and so in desperate need of members or support! And I need you, good people of Juktas, to help this alliance grow into my mighty following!

So as long as it isn't against the rules, I will give anyone who assists Omega Strife (the alliance) some in-game resources or perhaps a god power.

So give me proof you helped them and what kind of reward you want (resources or god powers) here in this thread.

I'll also +rep you! :cool:

Sorry, Metal, if this breaks any rules!


Seems fine to me. Its in the alliance section so is technically on topic. Enjoy your fans :)


Congratulations! Enjoy the feeling of having adoring fans.

Don't mean to steal your thunder but I happen to have a similar fan club. However my fan club/alliance was created simply to destroy me in revenge for farming it's members. It is called Reprising Injustice. Feel free to join and provide me with some easy Defensive BP. :p