Once Great


As I sat scrolling through Grepolis, I was looking through the rankings. Looking through the top 4 pages, and as I read the names and occasionally checked a profile or two, I realized something: these players were once players where when you saw an attack from them you posted urgent messages in your alliance forum. Of course many of these players are still great but now it seems attacks from them are the norm. Names like THORS HAMMER, SCHEUL, Corfuman. (Speaking of Corfuman, admit it Beta, we all miss SES. They came out of nowhere so fast and left like such) Many other names caught my eye. It left me thinking, is Beta finally past its prime for players? Are we to become relics of an old time in this game? Most people would consider these thoughts futile as Grepolis is just a game but when you pour over a year of your life into it and when you spend it with mostly the same people it means something else. So tell me Beta, are the the "Once Great" world now? Have we slipped into senility if you will?


Hey Prabha, I dont know about the rest of Beta but I miss the good old days of the game and for me that did coincide at the time and my involvement with SES, but that was then and now is now. When SES folded I continued in the game and made great friends in my new alliance, but to be fair the game play is a pain in the *** especially when you have to relocate to find some action.

I think and most would agree that the Beta world we knew and loved as basically gone past its sell by date, it was a great game with many good players and alliances working as teams. Now it seems to be a case of just going through the motions.

I do salute the many people who have dedicated so much time to Beta, friends, allies and enemies for making it one of the best online games I have played. Sadly now its memories that most of us have of a world that was "Once Great"


Prabha, why are all of your random rants depressing and negative towards the future of beta?

Lighten up :D