Pnp OOC Surrenders!


Esca the Slave said:
Pass it to your founder's that we are giving up. We are hoping to play on as 3rd alliance on your side(Probably taking another name) and start fighting against Elite and other alliance's with you guy's IF IT IS POSSIBLE.

OR, we would accept a merge from you or UC.

Esca the Slave
Founder of Order Of Chaos

Lol Elite you guys need to go to war with OOC they are being treacherous. So what do you guys think? Should we give them mercy?


Poofi said:
I'm leaving this world. Not because an idiot like Stevious, but because speed 1 worlds suck and this is the last one I'll ever play. Besides, we're doing so well in Rizinia that coming here and seeing us getting picked off daily really sucks after a while.

The simple facts are that half of this alliance, and half of Elite, don't like to attack or support, but demand support from us. I messaged Elite trying to come up with options but Elite refuses to see the writing on the wall.

My suggestion would be either admit defeat to SL and move on or leave OoC and find new homes where you'll be safe or at least have better protection. OoC has failed as an alliance. Elite hasn't done any better. We allied ourselves with the wrong people from the very beginning and when you start off like that, and become a threat to those you're against, you're a target until you're eliminated from the world. That's what happened with Gilos, Puff.N.Onabong, and several others including myself.

I'm not ashamed of anything we did here in Oropos. I'm glad that Tlol made the move into OoC and I've been honored and humbled working with several of you. Thanks for all the support and respect you guys have given to me. To those of you who are working with us in Rizinia I'm glad I'll be able to keep fighting alongside you. To the rest of you, maybe I'll see you in a future world.

I'm going to stay around long enough to hand off my cities to members whom I have already chosen. After that I'll be gone.

I feel like I've let several people down. I'm sorry, we tried our best to do what we could to save this alliance. We really did, but it wasn't enough.



If anyone other than SL tries to put a cs in his city you better have a lot of support there and in your cities because they will both be targeted!


stevious ballista said:

Well you won, going to drop out of this alliance and probably this world.

You picked the right side and I didn't. Your a good player. Well done you have my respect. I nearly had you a time or two but unfortnately eithier clumsy alliance members or no support stopped me. But then again .. Good Game Thanks

Good Luck to you

In case anyone wonders what he's referring to with stevious, we've had a month long battle. The above is the message he sent the day before we merged penguin. I think you and I both know that this was not a matter of a speed 1 world. I was the only active member in O56, supposedly THEIR ocean, and we.gave.them.hell! lol They were an MRA from day one and everyone knew it but them...


and the great and mighty OOC dissolves. though it doesn't look like the players have given up... good just the way we like it