Oropos Battle Records: Attacker and Defender of the Day Records.


DBP - C4R105 - 1,717 - 07.01.13
DBP - Maynard Jester - 2,638 - 07.01.13

Thanks, C4R105. You made the DBP list for a split second. I saved, then moved onto Than Badger's IDing mygod2, which just barely bumped you off the list as soon as you got on it.

Thanks Thane for the clarification. I've added mygod2 to the record books.

Thane Badger

dbp 03/07
Khal Seabasss 4,262
Loccutus 4038

Abp 05/07

Thane Badger .... watch this space ...... 12,211
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Thanks, Thane Badger. I've added those rankings.

Grepointel changed their site up a bit. It now requires registration to see individual names, as well as the individual name search doesn't work, at least on my browser. I have to look each person up by their ranking on the server.

Nice job with the ABP.



Highest DBP In One Day:
9.  Been Jamin       - 3,856  - 06.06.13
10. Cheater of Death - 3,246  - 06.15.13
it made my day seeing that I was on this list :) (I still remember that great Bp day for me). I ruined my day seeing that been is in front of me :(. It's a reoccurring theme throughout my life that my friends do one better than me


Give me a sec I'll top all those records (expect for Maynard's)


ABP- Kuj0- 7/13- 7,436
ABP- Big Trouble- 7/08- 5,593
ABP- MAKO 303- 5,622

DBP- Boar of Claydon- 7/13- 5,411

And might I say I don't think the Maynard will ever finish parades after this.
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