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The end game is definitely going to need to be worked on. I think it has potential. But then again so did WW when the concept was introduced and there were more than 12 competitive alliances in a world. It's up to Inno to keep on updating the end game though. It's not something that they can shelve for another 2 years and then address when En worlds are the size of US worlds.

The events, didn't know about the package stuff. Haven't played much since starting graduate school. Inno needs to address getting old and new players back into the game. Not looking to milk it's golders. Those only last so long as there's a community anyways, those guys will leave like anyone else.

Right now my biggest knock would be management in EN though. How did 5 straight 3+ worlds get released? Who thought there were just that many speed teams laying around?


Started the game late 2010 and here's my 2 cents:

I dont know how badly a company can mess their player base compared to what Inno did. The concept of the game was very good, I started on en5 way before 2.0 and it was a lot of fun we had teamups against best alliances, had backstabs, sought revenge and succeeded. I had to leave the game for a couple of months but then I started again and it was fun because I knew people in the server. Epsilon had atleast 50k people when I was playing in it and these days we dont even cross the four oceans in the middle. The concept of risking your whole city and the interaction between players was what kept me in the game as of now I dont feel that anymore.

WW was questionable to some players but I guess we did need an endgame although I'm not necessarily sure on that after playing on epsilon before 2.0.Then came the massive amount of worlds no one asked for?. that slowly killed the fun of risking your city as you could easily hop to a new world and start anew. Not that people were already spending well on these influx of worlds but Inno dint stop there then went ahead and added multiple pay2win options yes I did spend some money maybe a couple of hundred dollars but as I kept spending I noticed that I am not having fun, maybe thats true for other players too or they are fed up that these pay2win walls are so high that someone who doesnt spend gold wont stand that big of a chance.

There were so many alternatives Inno could have chosen, you had so many ideas from players thousands of them yeah someone might not be the best but I am positive some could have been worked over to please the player base. All the work they tried to was mediocre when it came to interacting with their player base, it always felt like they had no time to even listen to the players. Maybe Tanuki and Iceddragon can vouch for it.

*sigh* Yea, I really liked this game and wished that Inno wasnt the company that did it.
I really do wonder if there are any games with a big player base and as fun as grepolis was(PM me if anyone knows one).

There ends my banter and my interest in this game and I also lost my hope that Inno would ever correct their policies.


The game is sinking fast and I doubt there is anyway to stem the flow. The first Conquest world with the new end game is nowhere near as full as it should have been - even the core oceans are looking rather bare - has inno done ANY advertising for the new world end game to drag back in some of the disgruntled?

Neverending succsessive worlds, intolerably regular events and heavy Gold use seem to be the primary cause of the downfall. The release of the App alarm seems to have been both a great and dire idea - whilst the super active want to be woken up all night - most people were quite happy playing a computer game and then sleeping. The alarm changed the game almost into a life choice of which 99.9% of the worlds population will not choose thus considerably reducing the player base.

I joined Leontini to do a little gold trading and managed to get 20k in 2-3 weeks - absolute madness creating an awful gaming experience for people trying to fight the players paying such sums. I understand Innogames must make money to be viable but surely a huge player base, each paying a little is better than a smaller player base with some spending alot?

I have been playing on and off since world Alpha and can truthfully say that the current servers are mere shadows of their former glory - this WILL be my last world without a doubt.

Having been reading this Player council thread since it's inception I can safely say that the player council thing is a waste of time (no disrespect to those trying) and you people should do yourself a favour and quit. If you have a good idea that you think Inno should implement then I recommend you write your comment on a piece of paper, place it in a biodegradable bottle and throw it in the Ocean - inno will respond to your idea in the same time frame as they do electronically (this was meant Ironically - please don't litter the ocean).
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Inclined to agree with the above about the state of the game and its decline. I've been here since world 3 and joined when I was 16 (holy hell I'm old). I came here as sort of an alternative to Runescape and didn't think that I'd stay long when I first logged in. What kept me around was the community and whole dynamic of alliances and how the whole point of the game was to build an empire either on a personal level or by leading an alliance. I especially loved the alliance dynamic of the game and made it my goal to have a top 12 alliance. Back then a top 12 team meant something. I'm not exaggerating when I say that Gamma had dozens of great alliances, dozens of good ones, dozens more big ones, and probably 150+ alliances over 100k points at its peak. This was all spread across countless oceans that were densely populated. You could land in an ocean like O57 and have a chance to make a respectable team.There was also an anyone could beat anyone element. From 2010-2014, a lot of my adventures in leading were primarily based in taking a group of random players and making them competitive and able to fight good teams.

The thing that I've noticed is that from 2015 on wards is those days are gone. You're likely not grabbing a group of new players in O55 and turning them into something special. Even joining late like I did in Olous and Byblos is becoming less of an option. The world is shrinking. Its gone from waking up a few hours late on release day would put you in O65. To taking a couple days to hit a ring ocean. To the ring just becoming the rim. To now the back of O55 becoming the rim.

I think mismanagement on a business level has crippled the game. For the life of me, I don't know how I can go months or years without logging into Runescape and still not being able to escape their excessive social media ads. But I log into these forums almost every day and never see any external ads. I've also seen Inno reject or nerf successful ideas. I remember back in 2017, they released a 6/6 1.26 world. Even with the flow of problems, the world filled up beyond what Inno expected (their words, not mine). There hasn't been any mention of that since. Despite it being popular. You'd think that they'd try at least one more and see if the interest is there. Then Inno decided on domination for an end game. Great! Good alternative if worked on. But they're not advertising it, how do former players know? What about that person searching the internet?

What you have is an aging player base that's moving on, unfortunately. Sticking around is becoming similar to the kid that stays at a house long after the party ended.