Newspaper Pella Gazette #4 (week 30, sort of)


Pella Gazette
Hi there fellow citizens of Pella. Welcome to the fourth edition of the Pella Gazette.
I am Theyank and I am here to bring you guys the freshest news from this world and some exiting interviews with prominent members of our top 10 alliances.

This week’s news will be somewhat light as I still have to work like crazy.

“The big war”, MOS and co vs. Silver and co.

There are claims on the forum, in the Milestones of Pella thread, that there are two coalitions working against each other.

MOS claims that Silver, The Nights Watch, Elite Ones and The Chosen Few are working together against them, and Silver claims Mors Omnia Solvit, Soul Stealers and The Shadow League are working together against them. Of course both sides deny the other sides claim.

If we then look at the total conquest, according to grepostats, we see that the score is:
MOS, SS and TSL vs. Silver, EO, TCF and TNW: 64 – 53
Which in my eyes looks like a pretty even fight.

However if we break this up to see who are actually fighting we get a somewhat different picture:
MOS vs. Silver: 35 - 4
MOS vs. Elite Ones: 3 - 0
MOS vs. The Nights Watch: 8 - 0
MOS vs. The Chosen Few: 4 - 0
The Chosen Few vs. Soul Stealers: 2 - 1
The Chosen Few vs. The Shadow League: 0 - 0
Silver vs. Soul Stealers: 0 - 0
Silver vs. The Shadow League: 38 - 7
Elite Ones vs. Soul Stealers: 9 - 5
Elite Ones vs. The Shadow League: 0 - 0
The Shadow League vs. The Nights Watch: 0 - 0
Soul Stealers vs. The Nights Watch: 1 - 0

From what we can see here it looks like MOS is fighting everyone, and winning all over the board. Only Silver is fighting TSL, and is still winning that one. Everyone but Silver is fighting SS, and SS is only up against TNW.

So if we are to draw any kind of conclusion to this I would say that it is probably not two coalitions fighting against each other. It is MOS fighting everyone, and no one fighting back, Silver fighting MOS and TSL, losing one and winning the other, EO, TCF and TNW fighting SS, somewhat evenly matched so far.

Play for Keeps Vs. Lords of Pella Elite
In the cute and peaceful oceans 75 and 76 a major and a minor alliance are in war with each other. The names of these alliances have been heard by some of us already, here in these forums. This war is going on between Play for Keeps and Lords of Pella Elite.

RTSgamer2010 (a.k.a. jorisva1) has interviewed both sides of the war and will try to get you some background information on this interesting war.

At the very first, I want you to give a location on this war. The current war plays in ocean 76 and slowly heading into ocean 75.
Lords of Pella Elite - Play for Keeps

The Start of the War
According to Play for Keeps the war started because PfK wanted ocean domination. They are in ocean 76 and don’t want to share an ocean with others. With this in mind they started heading up north and attacked a few of the “Noobs of Pella” (so they are called by PfK). But when the first conquer happened, the war started. Their leader, Stephenwi, gave Play For Keeps a warning that they denied. With the simple reason that “we were not going to be pushed around by some alliance” says Bend24, leader of Play for Keeps. This is the beginning of this small, but interesting war.

Most of the players in Lords of Pella Elite didn’t even notice that they were in war until they got a warning of their leaders that Play for Keeps was getting a presence in the south of their territory. But the explanation of Stephenwi sounds: “When we were in a war with AoE they started conquering our inactive players, mainly from our academy alliance” (NOTE: the academy was disbanded)

The war itself
First of all I (RTSgamer2010 a.k.a jorisva1) have looked into stats. 12 conquers in this war have been made already. All were in the benefit of Play for Keeps. They seem the be leading the war with 12 to 0. Here the conquers of PfK against LoPE:
However these are only 8 of 12. The 4 others were made upon the academy.

I have asked to both sides how they think the war is going. Play for Keeps feel that the war is going very well, with what we should all agree if we see the stats. Bend24 dedicated one of his cities to keep a scoreboard on this war.

Asking one of their main members I got the answer that at the time of the conquests they were to busy with AoE to keep track of PfK. In the meanwhile they also had internal issues ( a player deleted all their forums etc…) so they really had to build it all up again. But with the words of LoP:” And I think it's ok for me to say that relative to PFK, they just awoke the Sleeping Giant which of course we are to them. And from here on out it only gets worse for them.” So maybe the tide will turn in favor of Lords of Pella Elite?

Both sides expect their enemy to last for a long while though. Bend24 describes them as “ they do not seem the type to rollover, to stubborn and proud.” The only fear of PfK is that, when they start heading north, Lords of Pella will call their allies(White Eagles) for help. Just as they did with AoE. Some said they do it because they can’t handle their own wars, and the contrary still have to be proven. Stephenwi says that he’s assured that Play for Keeps will keep on fighting until their last city. So only time will tell what alliance will break first.

And last but not least, I asked both sides how they would describe their enemies. Some of these were quite personally, others were on the alliance itself. Play for keeps describes LoPE as a “big, uncoordinated MRA who feels that number and size are whats the most important”. Mainly he, Bend24, describes them as a bad alliance, with a few good players.

Brickstaylor, whom we have already seen a few times on this external forum, says Play for Keeps have been lucky until now. “They took wisely advantage of being on the right spot on the right time” it sounds. However he’s glad “for their presence and this war. We have a lot to learn still, and PFK will be a great stepping stone to put our re-reformulated plans into action and gain experience as the next alliances we face get even better.”

But if we ask Stephenwi again he calls PfK “a bunch of cocky players that think just because a few of them have experience that they are better than everyone. They are just beyond incredibly annoying”.

So now I tried to give a small history on the war, with a few different point of views of both sides. Also facts have been told.
I hope you enjoyed reading.

Co-reporter Jorisva1 (ingame: RTSgamer2010)
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I know I said we would do interviews with prominent members from the top 10 alliances, but as most of them seem to be unwilling to talk to me I have got something else for you today.

This week I have been speaking to a person we all know and love from the forum community, Bend24. His alliance is currently ranked 21st, but they are fighting way bigger enemies in Lords of Pella Elite and White Eagles.

So here you have it, this week’s interview:

First off a bit of introduction.
• Who are you?
• What alliance are you in?
• What world did you come from?
• Other similar games you’ve played?
• Etc..

I am Bend24 the most loved player in all of Pella ;). Especially by the Noobs I mean Lords of Pella Elite a few of them have even named their cities after me <3.
I am in the alliance Play for Keeps.
I have previously played in the worlds Athens in the alliance Triad and Corinth in a variety of alliance but I am currently in The Association, Corinth was the world a few of my alliance mates and I came here from though as the settings are very similar to Pella.
This is the first online RTS I have played, but I have played games such as Rome Total War, LOTR:BFME, and Civilization before this.

Tell me a bit about your alliance?
• Where did you come from? Or did you start off on Pella?
• What ocean do you call home?
• Any known enemies or ongoing wars?(No need to reveal anything that is not known)
A decent amount of our alliance came over from the world Corinth. Once we got here we met some other experienced players and joined up with them to form our current alliance.
Ocean 76 is our alliances home ocean.
Right now we are having a lovely little scuffle with the alliance Noobs of Pella Elite, you may have seen their members come on the externals and say alot of really intelligent things. I wouldn't call it a war yet though as I think they would need to take a city off us first to be able to justify that.
Now, what makes your alliance stand out in the crowd?
Our alliance stands out because we are a small group of experienced players and are very efficient, we also have been learning alot from our enemies Lords of Pella, thank god they are around to teach us.
If you had to join another alliance, who would it be, and why?
Oh man I really like my alliance alot so am almost inclined to say none. If I had to pick another alliance though it would probably be MOS, not only because they are the number one alliance, they just seem like a very well oiled machine and I think they would be fun to play with.

Name the player you respect the most on Pella?
• Preferably from another alliance.
If it has to be a player from another alliance I would probably have to say Maximus024. Not only is he a great player I have never seen him talk trash when he has every right to, seems like a respectable dude. I have spoken to him some as well and he just seems like a cool guy.

If you have a CS closing in, and know you’re going to lose the city, what’s your final move?
Well I would never give up on a city even if the odds are overwhelming. So I would say defend my city with everything I have and every trick I know.

To round us off, where do you see yourself in the future?
• Alliance rank?
• Personal rank?
• APB rank?
• Ocean takeover?
• Etc..
I see our alliance eventually rises to a top 5 or so alliance hopefully higher, our small numbers may limit us from rising extremely high in the rankings as far as points go though.

I hope to eventually rise to at least a top 100 player if not top 50 or so in time. Starting out here in ocean 76 though I have alot of work to do.

For my alliance I see us being top 5 or so in abp as we are an extremely aggressive group of players and have some very good individuals to go along with great teamwork. I personally no I will at least be top 50 in abp eventually I have already climbed to 140ish being in 76. I really hope to be able to cement myself as a top 25 attacker eventually though.

Well we basically already have ocean 76 under our control. As far as our next ocean I would like to take over ocean 75, I dont want to really reveal any of our plans beyond that time though :).

That’s all we have this week, hope you guys enjoyed it. Have to apologize again this week for being late, but I cannot help that work is being crazy right now.

Big thanks to Bend24 for talking to me, and to RTSgamer2010 for volunteering to do a story to help a aging workaholic out. See you all next week!

Head reporter

Sapphire Sorrows

Another great paper - few hick ups cosmetically but i'm sure you'll see them and fix them up with out me pointing them out :)


Been waiting for this yank, it looks great mate. Always funny to see Lords of Pellas delusional version of how the war is going. Plus rep for you though, I know things like this can be very time consuming. Who is that you interviewed btw? He seems like a brilliant individual. :)


No interview with Silver members?
btw the score is 38 - 4 and growing.


oh you actually got an interview with bricks? haha hes sooooooooo slow at replying to me...PS nice paper :)

Sapphire Sorrows

Just one of your titles, looks like this:

The war itself[/


oh you actually got an interview with bricks? haha hes sooooooooo slow at replying to me...PS nice paper :)
You still waiting on him to respond? lol I would coax him to respond, but he has me blocked again so sorry cant help with that. Apparently he doesn't like my nice messages I send to him :(


Sadly yes i actually asked nipple for 2 more people because im tired of waiting i wanted to launch this yesterday and my interviews are QUICKLY becoming burried in my new mail :/ haha


Sadly yes i actually asked nipple for 2 more people because im tired of waiting i wanted to launch this yesterday and my interviews are QUICKLY becoming burried in my new mail :/ haha
What an unfriendly bunch won't even do an interview with you. At least nipple obliged as I said he is about the only reasonable one I have seen so far. Philwaite is alright to. The rest of them I have spoken with or seen speak on the externals are a bunch of goons.


Ok, so by the looks of my personal life right now I probably wont be doing another edition of these in a while.

I know you all enjoyed them but I really have to prioritize my IRL right now.

If anyone want to take over and keep doing it while I take a break that is perfectly fine by me (looks over at RTSgamer) :D


You did a mighty fine job last time, and the interview section writes it self if you can find someone willing to do it.


lol...gonna try...;)

I'll have to search something though...Give me a day or so..and i'll have something. lol


Jorisva if you need any help with the writing portion of it since your 1st language isn't english feel free to ask me.