Newspaper Pella Gazette #5 (week 32)


Pella Gazette
Hi there fellow citizens of Pella. Welcome to the fifth edition of the Pella Gazette.
I am RTSgamer2010 (jorisva1) and I’m here to bring you the freshest news from this world. Accompanied with some exiting interviews with our best players.

Head-reporter TheYank has no more time to write the newspapers
We all know TheYank. He has been the head reporter of the Pella Gazette for during 4 editions and an extra edition. He was a great writer, and an excellent head-reporter.
Last week TheYank had to resign as head reporter due to a very busy real life. Therefor he appointed me, jorisva1 (RTSgamer2010) as his replacement for the next following editions.
I’ll try to do my best to keep this newspaper running. My writing skills however are not so good as those of TheYank. But I hope I won’t disappoint you.

Silver dropping back in ranks
Recently the alliance Silver dropped back in the alliance ranks list. A while ago they were still proudly ranked on the second place. But in less than a week time they dropped back to eight place.
A lot of us thought that Silver would last longer, but they didn’t managed to keep the top.

Since war broke out between MoS and Silver, it all went down. Their top players went in VM or left and inactivity stroke hard.
At the MoS side people react very happy. Everyone thought that silver was a challenge for MoS.

The big question now is, if Silver will have a comeback like White Eagles or if they’ll just keep getting hammered by our number one alliance, Mors Omnia Solvit.

Will Silver disband, drop back even further or will they keep the top-10 alliance rank and rebuild?

The outcome of this war seems to be decided already, but we know that everything can change!

More about the MoS-Silver war can be found on these forums:

MoS is the best? Coalition?
As we all know MoS has a lot of wars. But they seem to be winning all of them. Does this make them the best?
Just let us look at the numbers, and make our own conclusion.
Since 2012-07-17 00:00 there have been the below tally of conquests for each alliance:

MOS 83 vs Silver 7 (3 uncontested)
MOS 14 vs TCF/TNW 4 (3 uncontested)
MOS 1 vs EO 0

Total: 98 - 10

SS 0 vs Silver 0
SS 3 vs TCF/TNW 4
SS 16 vs EO 16

Total: 19 - 20

TSL 17 vs Silver 8
TSL 0 vs TCF/TNW 0
TSL 0 vs EO 0

Total: 17 - 8

Coalition Count: 134 – 38

Play for Keeps/Lords of Pella Elite

Another intresting war is the war between Play for keeps(19) and Lords of Pella Elite (9).
Play for Keeps, an alliance with 26 members and lead by Bend24, seems to be defeating Lords of Pella Elite, an alliance with 68 members and lead by Stephenwi. Currently Play for Keeps seems to be leading the war with 23 against 1 conquer!

The proud alliance of LoPE, that came here on the forums about how they defeated Army of Eternity, seems not be willing to answer on their defeats against an alliance that is 5 times smaller.

How does this come?
Bad leadership of LoPE? Inactivity? (as they claim)
Good leadership of Bend24? And HIGH activity?
Who can say…

More info on this war can be found in this forum by nodcrush.

The AANF, the Adopt a Noob Foundation
We have already seen the word AANF or Adopt a Noob Foundation occur from time to time on these forums. Now I’ve contacted it’s founder, and asked a little bit of explanation.
Thanks a lot to chris2003bt for his explanation on this “Foundation”

What is it? What is it for? How did you get the idea? Where the questions I asked him.
The AANF was a weird idea i had while messaging random alliances who were promoting their "dominance" in the ocean when they were only 2-3 players. One of the guys messaged me back and was like, "yeah we stand no chance against anyone". From that day forth i have protected that single player!

MOS have taken up the cause and we currently have 10 noobs in our adoption program, each one looked after by a member of our alliance. This was promoted to other alliances but noone seemed interested! obviously we are all about protecting the little guy! :D

Once a n00b is adopted he is expected to keep active and can ask for assistance from his mentor, who in turn can ask if anyone wants to assist his n00b. With resources, troops or just plain advice. Most of our n00bs are purely defended through diplomacy alone, i would just send the attacker a message that they are under AANF protection and give them a link and they usually are more than happy to leave the n00b alone to grow. :)

This weeks interview will be with chrisg2003bt. A member of Mors Omnia Solvit. We have already seen him a few times on these forums. chrisg2003bt is also known as the founder of the AANF. The Adopt a Noob Foundation

First off a bit of introduction.
• Who are you?
• What alliance are you in?
• What world did you come from?
• Other similar games you’ve played?
• Etc..

Im chrisg2003bt. Im sure you'll all know me from my various PNPs and annoying in game messages. Im from MOS in Pella, and was one of the few who started in the core of World Alpha orginally; before taking a couple of years out of grep. Ive had experience playing other games like this before getting a email advertising Grepolis when it first went live!

Tell me a bit about your alliance?
• Where did you come from? Or did you start off on Pella?
• What ocean do you call home?
• Any known enemies or ongoing wars?

Well im sure all know about MOS a little too much. I personally started in White Eagles where m activity quickly earned me a leadership and forum mod. position. I then left White Eagles' slightly chaotic and inactive ways for The Enlightened, which quickly changed to MOS when TE went bust. Moving on, everyone knows about the ongoing war between MOS and.. well. Most of the top alliances. Currently leading 110+ cities won vs. 7 lost. (Silver, TCF, TNW, EO). So id say we are performing rather admirably.

Name the player you respect the most on Pella?
• Preferably from another alliance.

Player i respect most in pella. I personally couldn't pick out an individual from the Team of MOS as every person is willing to give their all for everyone else. From another alliance i would probably say "kidofwar" from TCF who is the only person to try and land a very decent CS attempt on one of my cities! Which fortunately for me did not succeed, but only down to alot of teamwork rather than my own skill!

Where do you see yourself in the future?
• Alliance rank?
• Personal rank?
• APB rank?
• Ocean takeover?
• Etc..

Myself in the future? Well.. talking of alliance ranks. I look to continue my addition of alliance titles, favourites among the alliance are my titles of "Lead Talent Spotter for the MOS Modelling Agency." and "Lead Choreographer for the MOS School of Rhythmic Dance." Im sure i will be adding to those.
I predict MOS will last for a long time yet and hopefully with MOS' help i can become better myself. :)

This was this weeks newspaper, I hope you all enjoyed.

Replacing Head-reporter,
Jorisva1 (RTSgamer2010)
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I say. Good show ol' chap! More to come i hope. :)

Slight hiccup in the score table, which is my fault. It should be MOS total cities lost is 10. Not 9. :D


RTS, PM IG and I will try to help you out. I could do some of the righting. I have been told I have a certain aptitude for such endeavors.


Really good paper jor, I really enjoyed reading it. Sorry I couldnt help with any of the writing things have been hectic between the war and real life. Glad someone kept this rolling though.

I'm an awful leader btw so throw that idea of my good leadership out the window :p


Sorry to see this happend, but as you've all noticed I also no longer play. Currently writing a masters degree, so games really aint high on my priorities atm. Sorry to leave you all without a newspaper.


No worries gents, was just wondering if it had been sidelined or what had happened. RL always comes first.