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Pella Gazette

Hello fellow citizens of Pella.
As few of you may already have heard, TheYank (our head-reporter) has no time left to keep this Newspaper running. Due to his RL work.
Because of this he asked me to tke over, which I accepted. I'll replace him untill he's able to create his newspaper again.

TheYank was an exclusive writer. I'm not even half as good. But I'll do my best to keep this running. English is not my native language, but only third out of five. So I'm sorry for spelling or grammatical problems. You can always contact me ingame/on here to say that I made a mistake and I'll correct it ASAP.

I would like to make a new section in the newspaper as well. A piece where other members of Pella can give ideas, announcements, heads-ups, etc... Anything you would like to have in the paper.
Also, feel free to contact me INGAME about developments in Pella. I won't be able to follow everything, so sometimes a little help would b appriciated.
So if something happens in Pella, about a war or something else...MAIL ME!!

If you have any questions,
Feel free to comment, reply or whatever you want to call it ;)

Replacing Head-reporter
INGAME: RTSgamer2010