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The Little Dwarf Alliance has based it's friends on the understanding that it had all the power, that LD (Little Dwarfs) where in control and that they had the first say and last say in decisions of a political matter or a military matter.

LD, who control the southern oceans on the rim and the south east ocean of sixty five, have recently been found by PERSPECTIVE NEWS to have neglected their pacts and allegiances. This is an interesting revelation although it may not seem surprising given the reputation the alliance has built it's self on. For those of you that where not aware that LD had 'friends' - moderately speaking - The known partners consist of The Battle Show and OCEANS VETERANS.​


During a conversation, i asked about any tense relations between TBS and LD. My source explained the following:

Navalus. He sent a MM to all the TBS players offering them to join Dwarfs - he off some of his own players as invited our best players to LD when some of them had been promised LD as were only in AD. He tried to spin it by say that AP had left blah blah but he should have contacted the leaders that were left to find the true position but of course he did not want the true position just our best fighters. AP evidently said he could have his cities and some of mine and a few other players but we were not leaving???? I told Nav AP could agree what he liked on skype but TBS was continuing and we would keep our cities. He used his power a bit like Putin and walked all over us as we were so much weaker - if we had been at OV level we would have broken the pact but could not handle war with infectious, you AND the dwarfs. OV supported us in all sorts of ways as no fan of Nav either. A few weeks ago he sent a MM to OV players doing the same and when they went mad tried spinning again. It was for that reason etc etc but it was just the same he wanted their top players when for now its just for fun as the game has been deservedly won by yourselves. Most OV players have gone now and I am sure its because of that MM. He was the same in Ephesus World.

Indeed it is natural an alliance scouts for good fighters. Breaking a epi-public promise however might not be acceptable from a warlord that is Navalus. It seems maybe the LD committee (if there is one) or Navalus is the one responsible for the neglect on their side. That the power they must have felt for it to become overly forceful of them to feel it necessary to order the allies around like they paid them.

The world knows that LD have tried tremendously hard to avoid fights that are just not feasible due to them not being win-able. Some would say that's pacifism and some may say that it is in fact, choosing wisely.

Would you say, the friends are more sour than the foes?



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PERSPECTIVE NEWS does not hold itself responsible for the actions of it's sources.

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