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Chapter Four
Hello hello everyone, chapter four of the interview series is finally here with our lovely Biglouisb, the wonderful leader of Black Dawn. It's been a massive pleasure reading through his response to all the questions so stick around all it's a little longer than usual which makes it even more fun! Thank you Louis for putting the effect in and thank you to everyone who still reads the interviews and enjoys them lets begin!


Interview with Biglouisb

1. Looking at Elis as a whole, in your opinion who do you think will end up winning the server?

Two horse race, on balance, it's probably OA's to lose, because they have a bigger collection of alliances supporting them, but I dont think it will be straight forward and I'm sure bloods will make it as difficult as possible. I’ve been wrong about Bloods before and I wouldn’t be overly surprised if they proved me wrong again and won it.

2. What do you make of the whole situation regarding Disciples and True Bloods based on what's been said on externals?

I have friends in OA, I have friends in Bloods, so I'm going to be as diplomatic as I can.

I've never posted in the externals before. The externals can be great fun; witty banter and dry put downs. Sometimes however, the externals can descend into puerile bickering and borderline nasty stuff. At that point I tend to roll my eyes and switch off. I prefer the refrained dignity of silence but lets be honest, if everyone did that, it would be dull, right?

I wont opine on who I think is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ because that would be an arbitrary, subjective view, & tbh I haven’t got a clue because BD is an outsider (boo hoo), but two general ‘pearls’ of wisdom from biggy;

i) Honour/ Integrity goes a long way, even in an online game like grep.
ii) Sometimes misunderstandings or isolated events can give players/ alliances the justification they were looking for to turn on someone. This happens in life, it happens in grep. It may be that it was going to happen anyway.

3. What is your honest opinion on True Bloods and have you played with them in the past?

We (Black Dawn) have played against Bloods a couple of times, I seem to remember Bloods being bigger than us but we're a robust unit and both times fought to a stalemate. They did have a couple of quite opinionated players who I didnt warm to, but I dont see either in their ranks now. I've spoken to batman and ruthie in other servers and both were always civil. What I will say about bloods is that players genuinely seem to love playing for them, they have quite a large core that have played in multiple servers together, so love them or loathe them, they’re clearly doing something internally that players like and feel loyalty to. Even our (BD’s) own ex Blood raved about them and said he’d always be loyal to them.

4. Outside of Black Dawn, which player/players in your opinion had the biggest impact on the server?

Luckydream, Moon Breathing, Puppy Cuddle, Dirkerin for bulldozing everything and I mean everything in 55. Big kudos.

Hammerhead for working his nuts off in OF. I suspect without him, OF may have wobbled and even faultered.

5. Do you have an opinion on Toons?

No, unfortunately not. Had no correspondence with them and they’re quite a distance from us. I’m sure they’re all great people.

6. If you had to pick another team to player for who would it be on this server and also outside of this server?

On this server - I always had respect for BBB and DOA. Both tight, compact, aggressive alliances. BBB were a little light on defensive nous but great offensively, Pound for pound, DOA have been the most impressive alliance for me.

On previous servers;

Witchfinder general, possibly the most bonkers player I have ever come across in grep. Absolute loon. Practically everyone hated him apart from us in BD, wrighty and a handful of others. But he used to make me smile. Love or hate him, he livened servers up, just had an irritating way of posting stuff.

Petrov, a great mate, who I helped teach the game to. I’ve taught a lot of players, none of them ever became anywhere near as good as Petrov. Given he played the game entirely on mobile, he has to be one of the best snipers in grep. He’s also one of the nicest guys. Sadly he's given the game up.

I’ve always had a lot of grudging respect for the Russians. They get accused of botting in every server. No idea whether they were or it was just the default accusation to make, but for me, they’re easily the most potent, well drilled and well structured outfit in the en servers. They remind me of a killer ant colony.

7. Do you have any shootouts? If so, who and why?

Shadowkings – we’ve been duffing them up for a while but I have a soft spot for them. They’re still going, still hanging in there, still making a nuisance of themselves. I don’t see them as an ‘enemy’ more a slugging partner.

Mika the Victorius – my oldest grep buddy. Has had a seriously tough time in RL recently but still playing. Big love bro.

8. If we look at the server as a whole, it seems like Bloods have taken the more peacefully/defensive approach. Do you approve of this approach or do you prefer how Only Fans operated by playing more aggressive? Both teams seem opposites!

Yep a definite opposites attract. OF definitely had the better of the war and it's amazing how many players OF has lost over the server.

Again, I have friends in OA, I have friends in bloods, so I’m going to be tactful. I’m a grep purist (I wont elaborate ), but I’m also a realist. Whilst Bloods' approach has surprised me a little, and possibly not the way I’d have played it, hey, it has been effective. Regardless of what anyone says about Bloods, the fact is that they are now in with a genuine shot of WWs, so it’s worked for them. You have to play to your strengths. I remember discussing the merits of OF/Bloods right at the beginning of their war with one of the ex Bloods in BD. I was like ‘they (ie bloods) wont last’, he was like ‘yeah they will, they’re stubborn and they’re tenacious’. He was right and I was wrong, so I have to give them respect for that.

9. Do you have a problem with anyone on the server, if so would you elaborate?

No, I’m a thick skinned guy, and I take the game the game it is intended ie dog eat dog, you eat or you get eaten. Banter, goading, ganging up, outwitting is part of the game. I have had issues with some players in the past, but that was for going beyond what’s acceptable in abuse. BD has been surprisingly light on politics in this server and I havent received the seemingly obligatory abusive mails either.

10. Who is your favorite on Love Island and please tell you agree that Liam should go home?!-.-

I watched one episode a few years back, and that was enough.

I will admit to a guilty pleasure though. Whilst channel flicking a few nights ago, I came across a celebrity gameshow called ‘apocalypse wow’. There was a bloke wrestling Z list celebs in an inflatable gravy filled pool, loads of naff innuendos and another guy in a gimp mask. It’s been described as arguably the ‘worst gameshow ever’ and I wouldn’t disagree, however it was so, so utterly awful, that I actually found myself giggling like a schoolboy in a ‘what the hell is this’ kind of way. I’ll probably secretly tune in next week…....


That is all from me and Louis in this episode, once again thank you to Louis for taking the time in answering all the questions in detail and thank you to everyone so far who taken part this serious wouldn't have existed without you all. Also, @Mika the Victorius I know you in particular really enjoyed the series and given me great feedback so if you'd like to, you could interview me and I can pass on my thoughts based on your questions if you like! :)

Anyway, that's all for now next chapter will come on soon ish hopefully, stay stay everyone!

MeI signing out.