Please tell me this is the worst alliance profile!


Well it's not mine.
I'm just sharing it with others, seeing who else hates it.
NOT my words, it is theirs.
I am the founder of the United City-States... not those Trojan geeks. (They might give me and my allies Trojans I am afraid :S)
but it is their profanity that I want to report, so I decide to show it on the alliance sub sub forum of the sub forum of Upsilon of Forum Grepolis.

It would be nice to have them reported, but there's no where to report their alliance profile on their alliance profile window. :L

Seriously though, isn't that terrible???
They might give Trojans too. :S
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Yeah, that is stupid and rude.
1-no profanity
3-shows that you are making weak and empty threats