Pnp Classic Crimsons Day


Hello my name is Crimsons guy 1 and this PnP will show you my daily routine

1.I wake up

Ahhh I am so sleepy of reading 3 rows of alliance forum posts,but I have to get up.

Than I go to the toilet

Wow that took long.

Than I get breakfast

I have to get a lot of fat in,there is a whole day of bolting ahead of me.

I sit behind my good old computer

and I push the on button,but I have to wait for 20mins for it to start up :(

After that I log in to Grepolis

And I check my favor as all my cities are Zeus and That I send some lightnings on RS
and FC

Wow I need to go to the toilet but I have to bolt,but no problem I have my mobile toilet

Well I am ready for bolting.Who will I bolt? I know rudicus.

Thats 2 levels of the senat,SCORE!!!!

Lets bolt him again.WHat I CANT BOLT HIM AGAIN NOOO

Well I am going to get my tattoo

I think that tattoo represents me in a fine way

Well I repeat the bolting process again and than I check the 3 rows of our alliance forum.

And thats the Classic day of me Crimson Guy 1

cabz bii

or wake up like one of the ravens will be doing sortley to find i have wipd him out and am currently taking his city :)


I will make up to 5 Pnp a week just to keep the forums going

cabz bii

dont that is just spamming the forums and youll get banned
we all know the crimosns are a pain spamming wont get you votes milan


Not about the crimsons I will make like Kappa news and will talk about everything


The breakfast sounds amazing to me.
pure scotish breakfast perfect way to start the day.

and the toilet now thats High teck stuff some people could use that instead of doing it in their pants.


I am on VM for a few days, just signed in and saw this... pretty good work Milan!

Oh by the way crimsons, don't start sweating right away, my VM will stay on for sometime, so you guys can breathe longer :D

EDIT: Sadly, I need to spread rep around before I can give it to Milantikus again! :(


It is ok rep can wait.I just want you to know that after everything that went on I will still support RS and FC out off the game