Competition PnP Competition for Nagidos



You're Invited!
Who: The players of Nagidos
What:To be a part of this awesome Competition!!!!
Where: The externals, of course
When: From Feb. 17 - Feb 22

  • 500 gold for First place
  • 400 gold for Second place
  • 300 gold for Third place

The fine print: MUST BE A NEW PnP! All entries must be submitted within the time frame listed above, on their own threads. The winners will be voted on by the players, and the polls will be open for 3 days.


I know you'll probably want to stone me after this question but bear with please (yup;))

In my national servers we dont do PnPs, so could anyone tell me what the letters stand for and what they are?

As far as i've seen they are goofy ways to trash on someone?

Also, what qualifies as one?

thank you


Politics aNd Propaganda.

So yes, goofy ways to trash people. Can be memes, collections of reports with suitable comments, or just written.