PnP - Delta Nazgul *delcares war* on Inferno


Well there I was. Roaming the Grepo forums. Simply because I had nothing else to do. Upon my roaming of the forums I came across this lovely thread :p

So...I decided to declare war on them. Just for kicks :D

After creating my first a way that I hoped would offend the leader the following messages were sent back and forth.

It goes Bottom up.

Gibbowo today at 12:01 AM
lol xD I see you didn't get the joke.

First of all. I have more than 10 swords :D

Secondly, i would never send swords as an attack.

So fare the well RomaZav. It's been a pleasure talking to you! Remember call me at:

1800-Aetolian League is better than Inferno if you are interested in relocating to the rim xD

It's truly been a pleasure and you've given me some laughs. Thanks mate. And good luck with your War with Aetolian league...
RomaZav on 3/7/10 at 11:56 PM
ten swords? i was reading it and i when i read that i spit my drink out laughing lol sorry i was expecting higher like maybe 100 swordsmen

now i gota clean my desk
thanks alot -_-
Gibbowo on 3/7/10 at 11:48 PM
Thanks man!

I'm sorry but i just said all this because i was bored. I wanted a reaction.

Guess what! I got it! hooray!

Yeah i guess you're totally right. I just condemned my alliance. Oh dear Whatever shall i do.

But in the meantime get ready! Cause as soon as BP is over i'm gonna sendz my whole army of 10 swordz to pwn you city! Beat that!
RomaZav on 3/7/10 at 11:46 PM
well got to go.. have plans to finish tonight
i like the conversation its nice to have this kind of talk..
anyways can we pick this up later?If yo don't mind and for Aetolian League i consider not hitting the alliance but its leader yes
RomaZav on 3/7/10 at 11:46 PM
well got to go.. have plans to finish tonight
i like the conversation its nice to have this kind of talk..
anyways can we pick this up later?If yo don't mind and for Aetolian League i consider not hitting the alliance but its leader yes
RomaZav on 3/7/10 at 11:42 PM
Like i said ... its funny how people get serious here i just play by the rules
if it wasnt inferno it be some other alliance you be after and it sounds like it
if i have no beef with you then your quarrel is meaning less till you give me a reason
they not allies so it must be because im a MRA
big deal ... but to you it is
Act like a leader and think my friend
and ...
Good Luck..
Gibbowo on 3/7/10 at 11:39 PM
I want to quarrel with you so i can be known more?

So you think i want some of your fame to rub off on me?

Am i going insane or is that what you just said?

Lol if i had of invited everything that has a heartbeat. Yes. I would be in your position.

Lucky i'm not stupid enough to do that.
RomaZav on 3/7/10 at 11:36 PM
ur in ocean 54
we are all mostly in 55 so goodluck fool
RomaZav on 3/7/10 at 11:35 PM
im geting rid of them as fast i can
if u have a beef with how i recruit y?
if you did it our way in the beginning then you be the same i believe
to me it sounds like you just want quarrel with us to be known more'
if thats it and it sounds like it fine go seek it
Gibbowo on 3/7/10 at 11:31 PM
I'm sorry, what? A refugee alliance? Is that even possible?

So let me get this straight.

If one alliance is in trouble and it asks it's friends for help. That is a refugee alliance?

Damn! I was almost certain that when one alliance calls on another for help it's called : *Calling for help* not * harbouring refugees*

Besides. Aetolian League aren't our allies xD

I just like them one hell of a lot more than you!

And please spare me! The most your members can do is spread the disease of inactivity.

RomaZav on 3/7/10 at 11:24 PM
Im not just romazav i have more than one on that island
im more than you think
dont under estimate me Besides if he ran to you for help he is a refugee alliance then
Gibbowo on 3/7/10 at 11:22 PM
I seriously doubt he will become the farm...

Infact i think it might be the exact opposite xD

I happen to run a relocation business as well.

May i suggest the rim?
RomaZav on 3/7/10 at 11:16 PM
i dont care if he did or not
even if you back them up the leader will suffer attacks since hes on his own
you understand that dont you
he will soon be a farm and you wont be able to help him
RomaZav on 3/7/10 at 11:14 PM
well i just want the leader not the alliance
i dont mind them but i will attack them and if you attack come we be waiting
Gibbowo on 3/7/10 at 11:13 PM
lol. Don't you see?

He never wanted a merge. He was messing with you.
He wanted to see if he had enough diplomacy skills to get you to merge into him.
It was all a game.


But seriously declaring war before BP ends? uh...what?


If you attack Aetolian. We'll back em up xD
RomaZav on 3/7/10 at 11:00 PM
Do you even know why i did?
get your facts first
He offered me his alliance to merge with us
I said yes and he be a council like mine
and i also said he be given equal powers
this was his idea
then he writes that soon it will happen with all these messages and he backs off
so i have every right to to do it
normally i wouldnt mind but hs on my island and hes by himself
so your alies with them fine just know you went to wa for wrong reasons then noble
i did it y the diplomacy act rather you beak a deal its hostility
Gibbowo on 3/7/10 at 10:54 PM
Declaring war on them huh? Well i got news for you buddy!

I declare war on you! Nazgul will **** you up.

I hope this was entertaining. To say the least. If not...just extremely sad.


This is my new Number one Favorite topic of ALL TIME > !

I just love when he says " i will leave the other members alone " i think he doesn't realize he is 2 islands away from the core of our alliance .... what a honey licker....

Also another good part is when he says IM NOT JUST ROMAZAV . that was pure Genius ... i sensed a bit of Shakespear in his words .


you know what, i think there should be like a curse word for it ;) like Don't be a romazav ... damn its catchy ! I take first dibs for my creation.


no wonder there call inferno
they must be hot heads or is that the leader...
inferno is going down.. untill there all burnt out


Best thread ever!! :D

I'm going to join in on the parade and declare war on them too, just for laughs.


I am Declaring on them just for the lulz.........v-cadburys creme egg for the first to conquer one of their vills.....:p


I dunno guys, we'd better be really careful, I bet he has even more than 100 swords, if he was expecting you to send a hundred!

Man, if we're really unlucky, he might even have some archers. That'd just be terrible. =(


Inferno disbanded!!! :eek:

I'm mailing RomaZav, I'll tell everyone why when I release the grepotimes tomorrow. :p

I finished it yesterday, but I'll have to add a second page just for inferno. :D


lol. I know.

Perhaps he couldn't take the pressure of being at war...

i said this in another thread, but as drupanu said...

We can now actively say the term *don't do a Romazav.


just be careful not to "estimate him" lol. I'm scared what you might come up with