PnP- Eviction Notice

Fist Of The North Star

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Pay attention Njubcaikz
Your time in ocean 46 has come to a close! Molon Labe has a serious ego problem and we think you should Hoplite outta here, If you haven't turned over your cities to us, left the ocean and swallowed a handful of your own farts by the end of the month one of the following outcomes will happen

1) We will take you by force, embarrass you and make you cry into a pillow of self pity
2) you will beat us and therefore we are very sorry for this forum thread and that we think you're cool really
3)we will forget this post even existed and your safe

If your name appears on this list you are in lots of trouble (maybe):

Roman Empire
Roman Empire II
Roman Empire III
Roman Empire IV
Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back!
Patria mercenaries
Patria Croatia
Patria something
Dont Patria-nise me

:heh: I'm sure i had more witty comments and jokes...........
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not bad but you gave away vital information there on who you are. I know who you are now jacky :p. I won't tell anyone, only advise, search the name of the player he attacked, look on the island co ordinates of the city, and match it up with a player from molon labe. there are 2 players on the island from ML, but 1 has no ABP meaning that FOTNS here is in fact .........


dangit, i can't believe i chose the wrong direction :(

harkonnen and h4d0uk3n would've been all over it!