PnP Rainbow Spewing Pandas


Hello everyone, I'd like to tell you a story. A story of honesty, happiness, faith, trust, courage and most important of all... rainbows.
One day, in the far far east, there was a uproar. It seemed Beijing was under attack, from a unseen foe.
After days of destruction, days of hell, days of the horrible, indescribable smell the enemy was seen.
The culprit were Pandas. These particular Pandas had had their bamboo taken away and were forced to eat little critters. The result? They spewed rainbows.
The Pandas had even learned techniques to teach other animals to barf rainbows, however the rainbows wouldn't go very far and could hardly do any damage.
It wasn't even half a year before the Pandas saw the end of China, and most of Asia too... and after all this, they came upon a magical gift.
It wasn't long before the Pandas got addicted the gift, and addicted to a game called Grepolis. They decided it was time for them to conquer a world of Grepolis, and their target was Theta. So let the destruction begin! :D


Thank you for listening to my story, my friends.

We are a aggressively run alliance, with no restrictions on whom to attack for those who join us. We are situated in Ocean 54 (North-East) and only take in players who are in the Ocean and are located near to us. We are run by MpGrand, Jaco and I. Another thing to mention is that we have a member cap of 60, and after the first week of BP with only be taking people in who are above our average points, show promise from experience in other worlds and have a BPA in the top 500.

So if you want to learn the art of puking rainbows, send me a application today! :D


I would say a few words, but instead I leave you with this:

What Aicy Said!

Come on Guys, can you think of how cool puking rainbows would be!


You will be fine panda LegoKiller. Your Rainbow puking training begins here.


*Dobby waits for Aicky and the other leaders to bombard him with persuasive messages inviting him to join* :p


Tis alliance would be the best, had i been coming :)
Yet, i may come, so Aicy, keep in mind i may turn up! :)